Include these foods in your diet for health and wellness.

THERE is no such thing as a truly detoxifying food, according to Nathalie Negro, a nutritionist at French weight loss resort Thermes de Brides-les-Bains. Nonetheless, most fruits and vegetables are rich in potassium and low in sodium, which means that they have particularly effective diuretic properties. They may also be rich in antioxidants, namely in the form of pigments, which can reduce damage to cells and slow the process of cell ageing. When planning menus with a focus on health and wellness, these five foods are among those to include without hesitation.


In addition to being exceptionally rich in potassium, which accounts for around half of their total mineral count, tomatoes are also rich in lycopene, a bright red pigment and antioxidant known for helping to reduce the risk of prostate, stomach and other cancers. In addition, the acidity of tomatoes stimulates the secretion of digestive juices, which can help the rest of your meal go down easier. Although tomatoes are certainly not in season in the dead of winter, you can still enjoy their health benefits through canned puree and juice.

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Fennel (left) and spinach.  


Also rich in potassium, spinach is a good source of a wealth of other vitamins and minerals, including provitamin A, magnesium, folate and vitamin K. And don’t forget vitamin C, which boosts the immune system to help stave off the bacteria and viruses that often strike during the winter season.


High in fibre and low in calories, the fennel bulb is one of many vegetables that can provide a feeling of fullness, reducing the temptation to indulge in higher-calorie foods. The leaves and seeds of this vegetable, which are high in antioxidants, are often used in herbal teas that ease digestion.

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Artichokes offer a healthy dose of magnesium, a mineral that helps to manage sleep patterns, moods and stress. What’s more, their high fibre content contributes to a feeling of fullness and to maintaining healthy digestion. Artichokes are also particularly rich in potassium, meaning that they have diuretic properties.

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Black radishes

Oblong or round, these roots have thick black skin that is peeled to reveal a crunchy, spicy white flesh. Black radishes contain sulfur, which stimulates the gallbladder and the liver, resulting in improved intestinal function. However, those who have suffered from gallstones should avoid them at the risk of triggering hepatic colic. – AFP Relaxnews

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