Uptown Cafe,
35, Jalan Ria 1,
Kawasan Perniagaan Ria,
Tel: 03-8723 1021
Business hours: 7.00am to 12.00am

THE youthfulness of the chef helming the kitchen in Uptown Cafe, Kajang, has translated into an array of creative and exciting dishes, much to the delight of food lovers.

Tang Kiang Yew, 26, has impressed many customers who first initially gave the six-month-old restaurant a try and ended up becoming regulars.

Apart from the good flavours, the restaurant is garnering a bigger following by the day with its affordable prices ranging from RM7.90 for local favourites such as nasi lemak to RM17.90 for Grilled Salmon.

Set in cosy and bright atmosphere, Uptown Cafe offers mainly Western fusion delights complemented by a selection of popular Asian dishes. It also serves as the coffeehouse for the adjacent Hotel Uptown.

“I like to experiment with various ingredients to create new flavours. I think both the chef and customer will appreciate something different from the norm,” said Tang, who has six years of experience.

His culinary talent is evident in the offerings, which are made better with a strong dash of enthusiasm.

Creative team: Tang (left) is in charge of Uptown Cafe while Ng Mun Chiew is the executive chef of Melia Seasons Restaurant. They are responsible for the kitchens of Hotel Uptown in Kajang.

Hawaiian Chicken can “transport” one to the seaside with its combination of smoky aroma, tangy sauce and heady whiffs of the Western herbs used to marinate the meat, reminding one of having barbecue by the ocean. The chicken chop is roasted to perfection, tender and flavourful.

Teriyaki Roll is another exclusive, comprising ham and cheese wrapped in a chicken chop. It is slathered with barbecue and teriyaki sauce before being sent to the grill. The result is an appetisingly sweet and slightly tangy dish enhanced by the cheese’s aroma and creaminess.

Most of the fillets, steaks or chops come with several choices of sauce. Grilled Salmon is served with cheese, black pepper, barbecue or Italian sauce. Tang noted that they did not use inferior ingredients despite the restaurant’s reasonable prices. Instead, they accepted the lower profit margin and put in loads of hardwork to ensure they served enough to sustain the business.

Appetising: The A1 fungi spaghetti is alluring with its light spiciness.

Spaghetti is available for those opting not to have such a meaty affair.

A1 fungi spaghetti is among the best sellers with a generous use of mushrooms enhanced by spicy flavours and an appetising aroma.

As for Asian favourites, one should not miss the nasi lemak that involves a painstaking process and generous use of herbs. Its fragrance from lime leaves makes it stand out from its counterparts elsewhere.

Another Asian special, Namya Island Prawn, also stands out as something different. It is a marriage between butter and nyonya prawn, which makes it tangy and creamy, coupled with tantalising hints from lemongrass and ginger flower.

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