Xinjiang Court,

Klana Resort Seremban,
PT4388 Jalan Penghulu Cantik,
Taman Tasik Seremban, Seremban.

Tel: 06-766 7888 ext 3333
Business hours (during CNY): Lunch (Mon-Sat: noon-2.30pm,
Sun: 10.30am-2.30pm) Dinner (daily 6.30-10.30pm)

NO MATTER where or when yee sang originated, one thing is for sure ? no Chinese New Year meal is complete without it.

Believed by the Chinese to bring prosperity for the year ahead, the tossing and eating of yee sang is a much-loved rite of Malaysian diners come the Lunar New Year.

At Klana Resort’s halal-certified XinJiang Restaurant, the delicious yee sang varieties prepared by chef Yu Chee Chun attract many a non-Chinese patron.




Delicious offerings: Four Chinese New Year set menus that include a variety offestive fare such as Black Pepper Lobster (foreground) and Baked Chicken withChinese herbs (background, left) are available at XinJiang Court.

“Chinese businessmen believe in tossing yee sang as it symbolises a flourishing business for the year ahead.

“Some say the practise originated in Malaysia and, indeed, it is more common here with even non-Chinese tossing yee sang for good luck during Chinese New Year,” he said.

The chef, who has over two decades of experience in the kitchen, professes to using only the best ingredients available for his yee sang and its accompanying sauce.

Fresh and good quality ingredients are essential for great yee sang and the sauce also makes a difference.

“The accompanying sauce can make a difference between a so-so yee sang and one that keeps you coming back for more,” he said.

Yu’s yee sang sauce, based on a recipe passed down by his si-fu when he was an apprentice, is a secret blend of spices and condiments.

The sweet-sour sauce perfectly complements the yee sang selections on the menu ” Good Luck Yee Sang” with Jellyfish (from RM38++), Fatt Choy Yee Sang with Salmon (from RM40++) and Fatt Choy Yee Sang with Abalone and Snow Pear (from RM120++).

My favourite is Yu’s Fatt Choy Yee Sang with Salmon, a dish I look forward to every Chinese New Year. I just love the contrasting textures of the melt-in-the-mouth slivers of salmon with the crunchy yee sang crackers.

The yee sang is available in small, medium and large portions and can also be pre-ordered for take-away.

For those who choose to dine in, the yee sang will only serve to whet your appetite for more delicious offerings from chef Yu.

This year, four set menus ” Reunion (RM700++), Prosperity (RM800++), Fortune (RM900++) and Flourishing (RM1,000++) ” will be available from Feb 9 to 24.

All set menus are for a table of 10 persons.

Highlights include Salad Prawns and Chicken with Walnuts ? a dish of steamed prawns generously smothered in a fruity salad sauce accompanied by stir-fried strips of chicken and crunchy walnuts.

Again, it is the contrasting flavours and textures that make this dish a hit.

Another favourite of mine at XinJiang Court is the Steamed Coral Trout with King Soy Sauce which is light on the palate with its delicate textures and flavours.

All meals must have a sweet ending and at XinJiang Court, patrons can opt for either Hong Kong Duets ? traditional Chinese pancakes or deep-fried nian gao filled with red date paste and yam.

A la carte options are also available. For lighter fare, diners can try the restaurant?s Chinese New Year a la carte dim sum offerings, available from Feb 10 to 13.

For reservations or enquiries, contact 06-766 7888 ext 3333.

This is the writer’s personal observation and is not an endorsement by StarMetro.

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