Calling all Johoreans – we’ve got a list of bakers for you to order the perfect bites from! From sweet treats to savoury goodness, there’s something for everyone from Johor on this list. 


1. Happy Bakes by Sugar Momma

Got the midnight munchies? Happy Bakes by Sugar Momma serves up delicious cookies that you can’t say no to! Get your chocolate fix with Sugar Momma’s Nutella Pots, or opt for some classic bites like Butter Cornflakes and some ong-spicious Pineapple Tarts. Happy bakes await you! 

Is someone’s birthday coming up? Check out these 4 bakers on The Batter Place for some beautifully customised baked goods! 

Customised cakes

2. Spcupcakesjb

If you’re opting for vegetarian cakes, Spcupcakesjb bakes them! Piped with buttercream or icing, your options are endless. Not to mention, the cake’s design is up to you too. Pictured here are their Vegetarian Orange Butter Cake piped with fresh cream, and their Vegetarian Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese filling. Sounds like a dream! 

3. Vivi’s Bakery

Know any BTS armies in Johor? Or perhaps you’re a Naruto fan yourself? Well, you must check out Vivi’s Bakery for custom character cakes then! The cake flavours are endless as well. Vivi’s Bakery is the place to go for perfectly delicious and appropriately designed cakes for whichever fandom you stan. 


5. Marigold & Daisy’s Cupcakes

Looking for something more shareable? MD TLICIOUS and Marigold & Daisy’s Cupcakes have you covered! From bespoke cupcakes with intricate flower arrangements to cute yet romantic proposal cupcakes, you can’t go wrong with any of their creations.  

Traditional designs

6. Cremeolicious

7. Pretty Gula

A tinge of tradition is always welcomed in this modern day and age. After all, it’s always nice to go back to our roots! Whether it’s kek batik, butter or loaf cakes, these simple cakes are timeless classics that we can always revisit. Order up from Cremeolicious for some kek batik and Pretty Gula for butter or loaf cakes! 

Savoury bites

8. Dapur Hunny

Not a sweet tooth? Fret not, we didn’t forget the savoury lovers! Puffy, crispy and oh so buttery, Dapur Hunny bakes delicious puffs and pastries. From chicken or tuna puffs to chicken pies, your stomach will be filled with these hearty bakes. 

Be it stocking up for your weekly household bakes or for a special occasion, The Batter Place has all the right bakers for all of you residing in Johor. Browse and order now!

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