You’re thinking of starting to bake but not sure where to start? We’re here to help you step by step, here’s your ultimate baking guide. Your house will be smelling like fresh bakes by the end of the week!

1. Kitchen Scale

Ever heard of the saying “baking is a science”? It’s true! It’s all about getting the right measurements in play. So a kitchen scale is essential to have in your kitchen once you’re starting to bake. People often have measuring spoons, but a key tip: 

Measuring spoons is inaccurate! Refer to recipes with exact weight measurements instead to avoid any baking mistakes

2. Mixers

The best part of baking other than eating the final product, is the mixing! Be it with a manual whisk, or an electric mixer. A mixer is key in baking. Having the right mixer could last you years and be your assistant chef while baking. 

A digital stand mixer like Kitmens Stand Mixer (KM B5) allows you to set a countdown timer and lets the mixer run itself while preparing other ingredients. When looking for a stand mixer, consider the size. If you’re planning to bake as a hobby and for your loved ones, a 5-litre bowl would be perfect. You may need a bigger size to run a full-time business.

Stand Mixers usually come with a mixing bowl and some attachments in place:

  • A balloon whisk for you to create meringues and aerate your mixture creating peaks.
  • A flat beater can be used throughout as it’s the most versatile.
  • A dough hook for heavier doughs like for pizza or bread baking.

3. Baking Pans

Depending on what you’re planning to bake, baking pans and tins are essential! Cake pans, pie pans, cupcake pans, circle or even rectangular pans, there are so many out there to choose from. Here’s a key tip: 

“Focus on the material of the pan!”

Avoid glass, it conducts heat differently and can change your baking times. Opt for aluminium pans.

4. Oven

And finally an oven, you can’t bake without an oven! Ovens are multifunctional, you can cook, bake and roast with an oven. The right oven can help your baked goods turn out perfect, it all depends on the settings. It’s important to have an oven that distributes heat evenly across and is stable throughout. 

The Kitmens Oven (KM KO65) has fibreglass insulation to help trap and insulate heat faster making it more stable for baking. It also has the M rod heating element, to make sure each corner of the oven is heated thoroughly. These are key in baking to make sure your baked goods are even on all sides.

5. Recipes 

Finding the right recipes to start with is important! Try some of these recipes to start baking: 

  1. Vegan Banana Cake
  2. Pavlova
  3. Victoria Sandwich
  4. Orange Cupcakes
  5. Two Layer Pandan Cake

To learn more about baking, you can head on over to Tips by experts on baking equipments and specific ingredients you need for bread, pastries and cakes!

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