Losing weight is always a challenge. While daily exercise such as walking more than 10,000 steps per day might help the process, a drastic drop in weight is not guaranteed. 

What one needs to do is strike a balance, where your calories “in” (calories from food) should be balanced with energy “out” (calories burned by the body in doing activities).

I have learned how to count my calorie intake from each meal and have also figured out reasons why my twice-a-week workout effort has not resulted in the desired weight loss.

This calorie calculator, which I found online, gives an idea of where the problem lies. 

Based on its suggestion, I need to consume less than 2,006 calories a day to lose 0.25kg per week or 1,756 calories if I want faster progress.

Calories intake recommendation for 30-year-old male, 180cm, 90kg with little or no exercise. (Souce: Calculator.net)

However, based on my daily average calorie intake, I have exceeded the suggested calorie consumption in even trying to maintain my weight.

Breakfast: Nasi lemak + teh tarik – 485 cal

Lunch: Mixed rice (rice, 1 meat and 2 vegetables) + Nescafe ice – 735 cal

Snack: Chocolate bar + green tea – 230 cal

Dinner: Fast food set (burger + fries + carbonated drink) – 1,055 cal

Total consumed calories – 2,505 cal

With information at our fingertips, just surfing the Internet has availed useful recipes that will help me keep my calory count in check.

Here are eight recipes, on Kuali, which are low in calories but taste really food for you to try out. 

Ice Vegetable Salad

Ice Vegetable Salad

Ice Vegetable Salad

Have you tried or even heard of ice plant/ice vegetable? This unusual vegetable is now a popular trend among foodies thanks to its frosted appearance, slightly salty and crisp texture. Calories – 440 cal per serving

Crunchy Vegetable Soup

Crunchy Vegetable Soup

Looking for something warm and filling for dinner? Why not try this quick and easy soup that only takes four steps to make? Calories – 255 per serving

Stir-fried Celery

Healthy Stir-fried Celery

Stir-fried Celery

Celery is rich in vitamins and is said to be good for health. Do not overcook the vegetable as it will lose its nutrients. Calories – 250 per serving

Stir-fried Squid with Dragon Chives and Bell Peppers


Stir-Fried Squid with Dragon Chives and Bell Peppers

This is one of the favourite dishes of The Pragmatic Cook. The dish can be prepared within 30 minutes. Check her page for more recipes! Calories – 280 per serving

Banh Mi

Banh Mi (Vietnamese Chicken Sandwich)

Banh Mi (Vietnamese Chicken Sandwich)

This Vietnamese sandwich made with roasted chicken and fresh vegetables is best enjoyed with any one of the Malaysian chilli sauces available in the market. Calories – 570 per serving

Steamed Fresh River Prawns


Steamed Fresh River Prawns

This dish is ideally prepared with fresh prawns. For the halal version, leave out the Shaoxing wine. Calories – 350 per serving

Hakka Tea Rice (lei cha)

Hakka Tea Rice (Lei Cha)

Hakka Tea Rice (Lei Cha)

Lei cha is a traditional dish of the Hakka community. It is a bowl of rice which is served with several sides of vegetables, toppings and tea soup made with herbs. Calories – 430 per serving

Tempeh and Basil Fried Rice

Tempeh and Basil Fried Rice

This is healthy fried rice featuring the use of tempeh, basil and brown rice. Calories – 400 per serving

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Thanks for reading and happy cooking!

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