Adabi is indeed a brand that is well known to all Malaysians. Among the Adabi products that are synonymous and popular in cooking includes the Sup Bunjut, Serbuk Kari, Serbuk Kunyit, Tepung Cucur dan Perencah Nasi Goreng. But for your information, Adabi actually has more than 200 products available in the market. For more information visit

Here are the 10 new Adabi products that you need to know.

1. Serbuk Gulai Ikan Adabi

Adabi Gulai-Ikan-24g_1

Serbuk Gulai Ikan Adabi is the latest product in 2021. This product is specially formulated using ingredients from a special breed of chilli. This Gulai is the inspiration for curry/gulai dishes that are commonly found in Northern Malaysia. The color of the broth is reddish and can also be cooked using coconut milk or without according to your taste.

2. Sos Korea Adabi

Adabi Sos-Korea-Pedas-340g_New

For those who are a fan of Korean food, Adabi makes sure to continue to deliver by preparing special products such as Adabi Korean Sauce. Suitable as a coating for fried chicken or as a fried food dipping, many will fall in love with its unique spicy flavour. Also suitable for cooking.c

3. Sos Tiram Adabi


The Sos Tiram Adabi was first introduced in 2020. The unique advantage of the Sos Tiram Adabi is that it can be used as a flavour enhancer, marinade and also intensifies the delicious aroma in cooking without adding high-calorie ingredients to your menu of choice. Even the Sos Tiram Adabi formula is cholesterol-free and almost fat-free. In terms of flavour, Sos Tiram Adabi provides a balance of sweet and salty taste that is suitable for dishes such as sauteed vegetables. It can even be used in dishes whereby meat, chicken or various seafood are the main ingredients. The ‘universal’ taste is easy to incorporate into any daily dish.

4. Kerispi – Snek Kacang Bersalut oleh Adabi

Good news for this coming Aidilfitri, you can make Kerispi coated beans as one of the snacks to serve your guests. The Kerispi Kacang Bersalut has 3 unique flavours – Original, Classic Squid & Chilli Squid. In fact, the brand also offers Muruku in Original & Spicy flavors. Among the other Adabi snack chain brands includes Flamitoz.

5. Perencah Oden Tomyam & Kimchi

Adabi also introduced Perencah Oden in two flavours – Tom Yam and Kimchi. This product was made to meet the needs of consumers who love Japanese cuisine and is now adapted to local taste buds. Suitable as the soup base for steamboat dishes.

6. Kicap Adabi & Kicap Kahwin ‘Simbolik Kasih Adabi’

Kicap Adabi is not a new product but for those who do not know, you should keep an eye on it. Kicap Adabi is made from the first soybean extract. This is to ensure the quality remains premium. Available in four variations, Kicap Lemak Manis and Kicap Lemak Masin are suitable as cooking ingredients, while Kicap Manis and Kicap Masin are suitable as dipping sauce. Suitable for a variety of cuisines, Kicap Adabi is an unmatched flavour! Recently, Adabi also offers a booking service for Kicap Kahwin Simbolik Kasih, suitable as door gifts for various events

7. Tepung Goreng Ayam Adabi Asli & Pedas

For fried chicken lovers, get the Tepung Goreng Ayam Adabi either in Original or Spicy. The new formula is now simpler because it doesn’t require any eggs. Crispier and Tastier! If coated with Adabi Korean Sauce, it will certainly boost your appetite.

8. Ketupat Adabi


Ketupat Adabi is the best choice in conjunction with Hari Raya. Available in mini, regular and economy sizes. Ketupat Adabi contains the fragrant aroma of pandan leaves. Especially when combined with canned Kuah Kacang Adabi, it is definitely the perfect combination.

9. Perencah Mee Goreng Adabi


Get Perencah Mee Goreng Adabi as an easy solution in preparing your favorite Fried Noodle dish. Suitable as a main or as a side dish for your Hari Raya guests.

10. Rangkaian Produk Tin Adabi

For those who need a simple and ready-to-eat meal, Adabi has a wide range of canned ready-to-eat foods such as Kari Ayam, Rendang Ayam & Daging, Kari Kambing, Kuah Kacang Kurma Ayam & Daging. Even Sardin Adabi is among the consumer’s choices.

Want to get Adabi products online? Find a variety of them here. Check out Adabi’s special series featuring a simple variety of dishes in “30 Resipi Ramadan” on Adabi Malaysia Official YouTube channel.
For more information, please visit Adabi’s official website.

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