April this year brings with it much anticipation and excitement. There is renewed optimism now that the Covid-19 vaccine is being tested in many countries. Economies are slowly easing into a new normal. And we are entering into the month of Ramadan soon! 

During the fasting season, our Muslim friends will observe their fasting during the day and two key meals are given proper planning in particular. Sahur, the meal before the day, and dinner, where breaking fast takes place with family or friends. Kuali would like to share some recommendations!

bubur lambuk
Bubur Lambuk Ayam

Always popular among the young an old, Bubur Lambuk Ayam (chicken porridge) can be prepared for either sahur or for breaking fast.

Saloonat Samak tomato thyme cod
Saloonat Samak

An Emirati dish, this Saloonat Samak (also popularly known as saloona samak) is a stew of cod or pollack fish cooked in tomato sauce broth. You can also pair this recipe with other meats.

coconut pancake
Coconut Pancake

Looking for something a bit plainer and easier to prepare during sahur but hits the spot? This coconut pancake will have you asking for more.

Murtabak Sandwich
Murtabak Sandwich

So is this Murtabak Sandwich that has east meets west in its very DNA. 

Meat Biryani
Meat Biryani

You may also consider this Meat Biryani for a nutritious meal.

Soto Ayam

Of course, the Soto Ayam is a comfortable dish that makes everything better. 

Or maybe try some homemade Beef serunding to be paired with mouth-watering lemang. Don’t forget Kuali’s recipes are best viewed through the app and you can even Save these Recipes to view later when you login. Download the Kuali App and get these recipes at your fingertips!

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Later in the month, you will want to start making some cookies in preparation for Raya, here are a few suggestions.

Biskut Semperit Pandan
Semperit Pandan

Kuih Semperit is a local favourite, this you must make! In Kuali, we have the chocolate Semperit Koko version, Semperit Pandan and even an Orange Surprise Semperit for you! 

Orange Surprise Semperit
Orange Surprise Semperit

We love sharing recipes by our Trusted Brands

Curry Mac and Cheese
Curry Mac and Cheese

Speaking of East meets West earlier, some may truly enjoy this Curry Mac and Cheese.

3 Ways Baked Mini Spaghetti
3 Ways Baked Mini Spaghetti

Or if spaghetti is more up your alley, this 3-ways Mini Spaghetti can be made in advance and just baked when you want to have it. 

Kek Batik Triple Layer
Kek Batik Triple Layer

For desserts, this deliciously layered Kek Batik Triple Layer is a sure crowd pleaser. 

In this week’s Shop Kuali Recipes, ‘WTF – Where’s the fish?’, we feature two recipes using the omega rich salmon – Salmon with Curried Bell Peppers and an appetizing Tom Yam with Salmon Cubes. For a third dish in the week, try this Brinjal with Tomatoes and Anchovies that pairs well with rice. 

WTF-Wheres-The-Fish Meal Plan

If you live in Malaysia, you can also order these recipes online and have the groceries conveniently delivered to you by Tesco / Lotus’s Malaysia.  

Happy Cooking and Baking!

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Kuali Team

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