So you are craving for something to end your meal on a sweet note, but couldn’t find any dessert to feast on yet? Look no further as we are featuring some of the best local home bakers you can find in Kuala Lumpur! You may find these bakers and their yummy menu at The Batter Place!

1. Evie’s Secret Cravings

Evie’s Secret Cravings’ Dark Chocolate Butterscotch Cookies

First on the list is Evie’s Secret Cravings. Famed for being able to satisfy their customers’ sweet tooth with their affordable premium baked goods, this baker makes use of all premium ingredients to produce exquisite cookies and cakes. Some of their bestsellers include their chewy Brown Sugar Cookies, S’mores Cookies, Dark Chocolate Butterscotch Cookies, Oreo Brownies and their newly launched Sunkissed Strawberry Cake! According to their owner, this cake is the definition of being sun kissed as it has the perfect amount of sweetness and sourness that you can’t resist!

2. Whisked KL

Whisked KL’s NYC S’mores Cookies

Next on the list is Whisked KL, whose desserts will leave you craving for more. Their NYC S’mores Cookies are heavenly delicious as the marshmallow is soft and chewy. It is definitely a must-try as it is their all-time favourite! Brookies, which is a combination of brownies and cookies, have also been all the rage, and if you’ve been eyeing to try one, this home baker freshly bakes their Brookies to order, perfect for chocolate lovers out there.

3. Super Baked Cake House

Super Baked Cake House’s Cardamom Pound Cake

Come prepared to have your tastebuds tickled with our third featured baker in Kuala Lumpur which is Super Baked Cake House. They offer a good range of cakes from their standard and premium flavours. Their premium flavours include unique local flavours like Teh Tarik, Quattro Chocolate, White Chocolate Raspberry and Pandan Gula Melaka. Wait, there’s more! They even have premium flavours for their cheesecake series which includes Creme Brulee, Apple Crumble and their fan favourite, Chocolate Peanut Butter. This semi-sweet cheesecake is a perfect combination as it is paired with the sweet and creamy peanut butter and chocolate. Not to forget, their Cardamom Pound Cake will make you wonder why you haven’t tasted one before! 

4. The Rolling Pin

The Rolling Pin’s Five Seed Bread

Next, we have a home baker that bakes their own bread, The Rolling Pin! Raisin Buns, White Loaf, Five Seed Bread, Kaya Buns and Raisin Braided Bread are among their best-selling breads. They also sell their homemade strawberry jam and marmalade jam, best paired with their home baked bread, of course! Their latest addition to their menu is the Batik Swiss Roll that looks so pretty, you would feel it is too sayang to makan.

5. Labbit Mama

Labbit Mama’s Wholemeal Bread

Now here’s another home baker that also bakes their own breads, aside from customised cakes and biscuits. Labbit Mama is famous for their various options of Swiss Rolls and Chiffon Cakes too! For their breads, they offer a few healthy variations which include their Quinoa Breads and Wholemeal Breads. Their Chocolate Chips Buns are rich in chocolate and instantly melt in your mouth the moment you take a bite. All time favorite for everyone and is suitable for anytime of the day. Nobody will ever get bored with chocolate chips, don’t you think?

6. Bengbeng Sourdough

Bengbeng Sourdough’s Sourdough Melonpan

The last on our list is Bengbeng Sourdough who specialises in just that, sourdough! It comes in all shapes and sizes of scrumptious breads and pastries. They say time is the essence of good sourdough, and their sourdough is naturally leavened and slow-fermented for up to two days to ensure their top-notch quality. For Christmas, they serve their Christmas Gift Box which contains lots of merry pastries that have different tastes that include their Sourdough Scones, Melonpan, Pain Aux Raisins, Soft Cookies and more! 

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