If you’re in Selangor and you’re craving some sweet desserts after your meal, we have a few recommendations for you! From cupcakes to cookies to tarts, these home baked desserts by these home bakers would definitely wow you and leave you wanting more.

1. Sweet Tooth Appetite

Sweet Tooth Appetite’s exquisite buttercream cake

Sweet Tooth Appetite is a home baker that specialises in customised cakes, cupcakes and brownies. Ask, and you shall receive! They can make thematic cakes that display their beautiful piping works with buttercream, suitable for any parties. One of their bestsellers are their Ferrero Rocher Cupcakes, which are American chocolate cupcakes with Ferrero Rocher filling topped with chocolate buttercream. Sounds mouth-watering already!

2. Dotdandin Delight

02_Dotandin Delight
Dotdandin Delight’s Kek Batik with Ganache topping

If brownie towers is what you’re craving, then Dotdandin Delight is the perfect homebaker for you to try! Famed for their delectable brownies, they are also well known for their Fruit Pastry Cake, Kek Batik with Ganache topping and Kek Pisang Merelit, all served in 8 to 9 inches trays, perfect to be served at any formal or informal occasions! Your orders will be completed with cute piping decorations according to your liking! Aside from that, we recommend you to try their Walnut Carrot Cake, one of their customers’ choice!

3. Cake Tella

Cake Tella’s Signature Baileys

If you are in the mood for some alcoholic drinks, and some cakes, look no further! Cake Tella does just that with their famous alcoholic cakes. For Christmas, they offer a box set consisting of their four signature bestsellers which are their Signature Baileys, Whisky Salted Caramel Mousse, Passion Chilled Cheese and Pecan Crepe Cake. Aside from alcoholic cakes, they also serve a wide variety of ice cream cakes, puffs and chocolate truffle cubes. A great idea for a gift to your loved ones!

4. Pink Palette Cakes

Pink Palette Cake’s mini cheese tarts

Famed for their minimalist floral cake, Pink Palette Cakes excels in buttercream piping. Their themed cakes are as good as they look. Their heart-shaped cakes are super cute and suitable for Valentine’s Day too! If you’re looking for something different, they also serve a variety of cake pops and cupcakes. Aside from that, their scrumptious mini fruit and cheese tarts make a really good dessert or tea time snack. Check out their desserts today at The Batter Place!

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