Craving for something that’s light and not too sweet for your palette? Turkish cakes are the perfect choice for you and Habibi Delights serves up a variety of them! 

What is a Revani you asked? It’s a syrup-soaked cake usually cut into squares or diamonds. Over at Habibi Delights, they’re sold as round cakes instead. 

Turkish Revani with Mixed Nuts by Habibi Delights

They have the Turkish Revani Coconut which is topped with plenty of coconut shreds. They also have the Turkish Revani Combo which is topped with mixed nuts instead. Wish you could combine both coconuts and mixed nuts? Their Turkish Revani Combo Mix will do just the trick! This crunchy bestseller will leave you wanting for more. 

German Apple Crumble by Habibi Delights

Habibi Delights has also diversified their menu to German and Thai treats! They have the German Apple Crumble and German Peach crumble. If you’re up for a cold and hot dessert, add on a scoop of vanilla ice cream and you’re good to go. Their Thai Mango Coconut is one of their latest additions to their menu. Deliciously tropical, the caramelised crunchy coconut topping jives on with the Thai mango filling!

Get your cakes from Habibi Delights today! Link:

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