What is Shop Kuali Recipes?

Shop Kuali Recipes was designed by Kuali and Tesco as a service to shoppers looking for quality ingredients paired with simple yet tasty recipes. Bundled recipes are packaged as meal planners suitable for cooking three meals a week and for two persons. For shoppers who want more, simple double up the recipe. Want to increase or omit some ingredients? Shoppers have the flexibility to adjust the ingredient counts when checking out from the Tesco website as well. 

What are Kuali Recipes?

Kuali is a recipes portal by Star Media Group, sharing the love for good food since 1998. Featuring Authentically Malaysian Recipes, Kuali is visited by users from all over the world looking for Asian recipes.

Must I login to purchase ‘Shop Kuali Recipes’?

Yes, it’s very important that you Register and Log In into Kuali, as this is how we are able to help you ‘Save’ all the recipes that you like. You may find these neatly kept later in your ‘My Favourites’ folder. 

Why am I directed to Tesco when I click ‘Shop Kuali Recipes’?

Kuali is a recipes home and we work together with Tesco, to have the ingredients conveniently delivered to you. 

Must I login at Tesco’s website again?

Yes, it’s very important that you Register and Log In into Tesco, as this is how the items in your shopping cart are saved.

How many shoppable recipes are there and where can I see all these shoppable recipes?

Select from the many selections at ‘Shop, Cook, Eat, Repeat’. New recipes are added frequently so do login to check out new recipes to cook. 

I like two of the recipe themes, ‘Cook, Movie and Chill’ and ‘Mission Im-pasta-ble’. How do I select both?

You will need to select these from the respective meal planner pages. 

  1. Go to ‘Cook, Movie and Chill’ and click on ‘Shop Recipe’. 
  2. You will be directed to Tesco in a new tab. Register or Log In first. 
  3. Upon logging in, you will be directed to to the Kuali – Cook, Movie and Chill Page. 
  4. Add the desired ingredients into your cart. 
  5. At Kuali tab, click on the other recipe theme, ‘Mission Im-pasta-ble’ found in the ‘Shop, Cook, Eat, Repeat’ page and click ‘Shop Recipe’. 
  6. You will now be able to add the second set of ingredients into your basket. 

I have salt and cooking oil at home. Can I pick and choose ingredients to purchase? 

Yes, you may check and uncheck the ingredients when adding the items into the cart or even choose to purchase more upon being directed to the Tesco website. 

How do I save from ‘Shop Kuali Recipes’?

Bundled recipes are designed to be meal planners, which means the more you buy, the more you save! Go to the meal planner themes at ‘Shop, Cook, Eat, Repeat’ and select any of these themes to purchase. 

If the meal planners are meant for two persons, what happens if I’m cooking for four? 

Cooking for more? Simply double up the portions when you are at the Tesco check out page, when adding ingredient quantities. 

Would I still be able to save, if I wish to only buy 1 recipe?

It is likely that you would have some leftover ingredients from buying only one recipe. You may use the additional ingredients to cook other dishes or may we interest you with other recipe themes? Check out more themes at ‘Shop, Cook, Eat, Repeat’. 

I haven’t received my ingredients yet, who do I contact?

You will receive an Order Confirmation Number from checking out at Tesco and may refer to this when you reach out to Tesco’s Helpline: +1300 – 13 – 1313 or email at tescohelpline@tesco.com.my

If I have other queries, how do I reach the Kuali team?

You may send your inquiries to kualicares@thestar.com.my and our team would respond to queries within three business days. Please bear with us during high traffic times and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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