If you’re someone who is health-conscious, but still wants sweet treats, fret not as you can enjoy these delightfully scrumptious cakes from Y Dessert with no worries. They offer their variety of desserts with egg-free and sugar-free options, by substituting sugar with Lakanto sweetener upon request!

Y Dessert
Ask for their sugar substitute options!

Based in Ipoh, Perak, this homebaking business uses only premium ingredients and is known for their variety of yummy cheesecakes! Read the reviews, and you will be itching to try their most popular one, Musang King cheesecake. Other selections include Blueberry, Japanese, Lotus Biscoff, Matcha, Nutella Oreo, Lemon, and Strawberry cheesecakes.

Other than cheesecakes, they are also famed for their cute customisable bento cakes that are perfect for two! These small sized cakes are completely customisable, as you can choose your own cream coat flavours, choice of fruit or cream fillings, decorations and cake sheet flavour. With their tagline, “Instagrammable yet delicious cakes”, you’ll sure want to Instagram these gorgeously cute cakes.

Cute bento cake
Cute bento cake

Talking about being perfect for two, Y Dessert offers quite a selection of Valentine’s Day specials with their Amour Rose, which is a 5-inch cream cake with a rose bouquet; Couple Hand-drawn Portrait Cake, where their artists will draw your couple photo on your cake; or their Flower Box Set, which is a cream cake with fresh little flowers.

Other than cakes, they also bake premium mooncakes, cupcakes, soft-baked cookies and pineapple tarts. All their signature cakes come in a jar size too, perfect to eat on-the-go or to bring on picnics with your loved ones! Order today at The Batter Place!

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