In celebration of the Mid-Autumn festival, New World Petaling Jaya Hotel introduces the tradition of mooncake crafting, with its highly anticipated selection of mooncakes. This year, the hotel offers a tantalising selection of traditional and limited-edition mooncakes with bright red-hued tiffin carrier that was crafted in a flawless way. The four-tier tiffin carrier, inspired by Peranakan’s colourful traditions and legendary culture; adorned with beautiful Chinese artwork is used as the packaging for traditional mooncakes. 

To satisfy classic style enthusiasts, traditional classics like Red Bean, White Lotus, Lotus with Single Yolk and Mixed Nuts, will do just the job. Indulge in our best seller mooncake – Longan Wolfberries – a sweet blend of the longan flavoured lotus paste base combined with fragrant wolfberries – a healthier creation. There will be three new flavours – Pomegranate Lotus, Blueberry Lava and Chocolate Tiramisu Lava. For a more guilt-free alternative, check out the Pomegranate Lotus and Longan Wolfberries mooncake. 

New World Petaling Jaya’s mooncakes are presented in elegant tiffin carriers – traditional tiered lunch boxes – which unveil a traditional mooncake as each layer is revealed. The tiffin carriers are adorned with beautiful Chinese artwork, and features Chang’e in the design as part of the reminiscing the tale of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Each mooncake set is packaged in two options either an elegant jewellery box or tiffin carrier; making it an ideal gift for family, friends or colleagues. 

‘Timeless Traditions’ is available from 1 August to 1 October 2020 and the prices start from RM128 nett per gift box of four pieces. All prices are in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) and inclusive of prevailing government tax where applicable. 

For orders and enquiries, please call 03-7682 0000 / 010-216 3810 or visit https://petaling- 

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