ALL hail coffee!

Coffee lovers just can’t get enough of it. It has become a necessity in almost everyone’s lives, be it to start the day, burn the midnight oil or just for leisure.

This smooth aromatic drink does come with its benefits. Caffeine in coffee helps make you more alert by increasing your adrenaline. Studies have shown that coffee helps lessen the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. I am sure that coffee lovers out there are happy to hear some of these wonderful benefits of their beloved beverage.

However, just like everything else, it comes with its disadvantages as well. Too much of anything is bad for you. Consuming too much coffee can lead to coffee addiction. Did you know that the famous Ludwig Van Beethoven was a coffee addict? He was very specific with his coffee. He only drinks coffee made by himself with exactly 60 coffee beans.

Are you a coffee addict? Or are you slowly turning into one? Sometimes, it is tough for us to even notice.

Here are 12 signs you are becoming a coffee addict.

1. You drink at least five cups of coffee a day

You just can’t start or end a day without it. You wake up every morning looking forward to having your freshly-brewed cup of coffee. Just by smelling its aroma makes you happy. There is no such thing as a “Bad hair day” for you, just a “Bad coffee day”.

2. You feel irritable, hot-tempered and tired when you have not had coffee in a while

People would not dare come near you when you haven’t had coffee. You get annoyed easily with the people around you. You are basically a walking time-bomb ready to explode. When it comes to work, you have a tough time focusing without coffee.

3. You are constantly told how much coffee you drink

You get statements like these at least once everyday, “My gosh, is that your fifth cup?” or “Wow, you do love your coffee”. Frankly, you are starting to feel tired of people pointing out how much you drink coffee. Here is when you start shooting them back with health benefits of coffee.

4. You are a regular at your nearest Starbucks and/or coffee shops

The baristas see you more often than your own family and friends see you. They see you so often that they already have your order by heart. Your wallet would be filled with various coffee shop membership cards.

5. You would tell waiters to “just leave the pot”

Speaking of coffee shops, you love coffee shops that serve bottomless coffee. It is like being a kid in a candy store. Endless amount of coffee. It is the dream. However, when it comes to refilling, you get so tired of constantly calling the waiter/waitress for a refill that you just tell them to leave the pot.

6. You only have strong coffee

“Go strong or go home” is your motto. The coffee you drink is so strong that only you can drink. You need at least two coffee bags in one cup. Your body is already so immune to regular coffee that you need stronger doses. Also, you would never drink decaf.

7. You take more coffee breaks than bathroom breaks

You would go to your office pantry for a cup of coffee at least once every hour. It is quite rare to see an empty cup on your desk: Coffee stains, coffee stains everywhere.

8. You don’t mind spending money on coffee

At the end of the month, you realise that most of your expenses were spent on coffee or on anything related to coffee. Perhaps, another coffee maker? Sure, why not? Spending RM12 on a cup of coffee is normal for you.

9. You will be the first to try coffee shops that are new in town

When it comes to new cafes or coffee shops, you would always keep yourself up-to-date. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the next big thing when it comes to coffee. You are always the first one among your friends and family to try it out.

10. Your kitchen cabinets are filled with flasks and mugs

Sometimes, you would even display your mug collection. You have a mug and flask for every occasion. Every time you are out shopping, you end up buying more mugs or flasks. You have different flasks to match your different outfits. It has become an accessory to you.

11. You smell like coffee

You drink coffee so often that not only does your house smell like coffee but, so do you. People can instantly smell the aromatic coffee scent whenever you walk pass and you don’t even mind – you love it!

12. You can start tasting the difference between regular coffee and decaf

You cringe at the idea of decaf coffee. So, there’s no fooling you. You drink coffee so often that you can almost instantly tell when someone hands you decaf coffee.

Here are three coffee recipes for you to try:

1. Coffee Sago Jelly. Click here for recipe.


2. Chocolate -Coffee Dacquoise. Click here for recipe.

Chocolate-Coffee Dacquoise

3. Cranberry Coffee Loaf. Click here for recipe.

cranberry coffee loaf

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