I HAVE to admit, I’m a sucker for having one of those expensive-looking built-in ovens in my kitchen, despite having the cooking ability of a three-year-old. It’s shiny and pretty and makes every kitchen look complete. What more can I say?

Nevertheless, it still costs a pretty penny to purchase and install an oven like that. If you’re like me, you’re probably also looking for ways to justify the cost of your oven, and baking cakes, cookies, or preparing a Sunday roast is just not really in our Malaysian blood. Besides, the prepping and cleaning up afterwards can be a real pain.

That’s why we’ve scouted for the easiest oven recipes here for you. Considering that most of these recipes require you to place everything into one tray and pop it into your oven, they are perfect for the busy bees, and for the not-so-deft in the kitchen.

In fact, you can pop these in the oven while you do your chores for the evening, and then reward yourself after with a hearty, warm meal.


Chicken roasted on a bed of vegetables

Looking to clean out your fridge? This recipe is excellent for cooking up all your remnant ingredients at one go.


Parmesan chicken with Caesar roasted romaine

A simple meal with minimal ingredients.


Oven-roasted sausage and sweet potato

We suggest treating yourself by going for premium sausages which are more meaty and provide a greater source of protein. You won’t even have to marinate these sausages!


Oven-baked honey chili lime salmon with potatoes and beans

If you’re feeling a little on the fancy side, try this fish recipe instead.


Green beans, chicken breasts and red skin potatoes

Yet, another simple recipe using only three ingredients. If you’re entertaining a large crowd, this can be easily made in large portions to feed your guests.


Apple and cabbage oven baked chicken

Instead of the regular roast, play your oven meal up with some apples, like in this recipe, for a sweet and tangy flavour instead.

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