IN the United States, October is the month of pumpkin spice and prepping for Halloween. Grocery stores will deck out in Halloween-themed decor while stocking up their shelves full of chocolates and candies. On average, over a billion dollars are spent on decorations, costumes, candy and many more for the celebration.

While Halloween is not a major celebration in Malaysia like it is in the US, that won’t stop us from throwing Halloween-themed parties. Here’s a list of food and decoration ideas for your Halloween party.


Cute graveyard ghosts

This recipe isn’t just cute, it’s delicious to boot. Make chocolate pudding, pour it into a ramekin and top it off with some crumbled oreos. Get some marshmallows, draw faces on them with melted chocolate and then stick them into the pudding.


Mummified macarons

Bake or buy white macarons and white chocolate. Drizzle the white chocolate in zigzags on the macarons. Set aside to let the chocolate harden before making two eyes on the macaron with some chocolate or black icing.

63750688 - white mummy macaroons for halloween


Slime sauce with worms

This is a really easy recipe. Make some pesto sauce and serve it in a separate bowl from the pasta noodles. Label it for added fun at a kid-friendly party.


Severed fingers

All you need are some sausages and chilli or tomato sauce. Cut the sausages into halves, cut out a small bit at the top to make it look like a fingernail. Splatter some sauce at the bottom half of the sausage and serve on a platter.

32496045 - a pile of halloween fingers with scary ornaments in the background, such as skulls, spiders and spider web


Eyeball cupcakes

Use the lychee cupcake recipe. In the Halloween version, you only need one extra ingredient: grapes. Pop the grapes into the lychees to make it look like an eyeball. Instead of pink icing, you can add red food colouring to make the icing look like a bloody base for the eyeball.


Sure, you’ve got the recipes for a Halloween meal set up, but it’s not complete without some home décor. We’ve prepared some quick and easy decoration tips on setting up that Halloween vibe for your home.


Spiders in a jar

Get some cotton, stretch it out a little and put it in a jar. Get some fake spiders and put them in the jar. If you want it to be a little bit more realistic, get some small twigs from the garden and pop them in.


I’ve got my eyes on you

While it’s not wholly scary, this decoration tip can be a cute addition for a kid-friendly Halloween party. Buy some large googly eyes and stick them on some furniture.


Spooky and cute bats

Get some black coloured paper and cut them out into bat shapes. Hang them from the trees outside or temporarily stick them on your windows. If you want to make it more cute, draw some cute faces onto the bats before hanging them up.

46622087 - cutted black paper bats pinned to white cloth


Blood on the bathroom mirror

To truly max out the creep factor in your house, splash some red paint onto your bathroom mirror. Unsuspecting guests will be in for a surprise when they enter your bathroom.


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