PLANNING to host a year-end party? Then it’s time to pre-heat that oven, as the end-of-year celebration beckons.

The festive season is imminent. It brings with it a host of family and friends dropping by, reciprocal visits to their houses and a slew of parties to celebrate endings and beginnings.

Time to brush up on those baking skills then, isn’t it? Baked goods have the advantage of not only being appealingly delicious – and giving the house a marvellous fragrance while they’re coming to life – but also of making wonderful gifts for the host of any party.

Here are eight of these festive year-end recipes which you can start preparing for now.

Orange Carrot Cake


Cherry Cheesecake


Coffee and Cinnamon Hazelnut Cake


Honeycomb Cake


Mocha Cream Brownie


Banana Frangipane Cake


Apple Shortcake


Salted Caramel Coconut and Macadamia Shortbread


This article and recipes were originally published in Flavours magazine.

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