Cream is an essential ingredient in many classic European dishes giving them a unique velvety, rich taste. It is also incredibly versatile and will enhance any recipe from a starter through to an incredible dessert, and adds a wonderfully soft consistency to sauces. Whether it’s a spread, a dollop or a smothering, the finest cream creates the desired balance for the final touch.

To celebrate and showcase this indulgent ingredient, the CNIEL (Centre National Interprofessionel de l’Economie Laitière) embarked on a campaign to introduce culinary influencers to the superiority of cream originating from Europe.

The campaign aptly called “La Crème de la Crème” (Cream of Europe) aimed to showcase the finesse and quality in these creams, making it a highly sought after commodity by professional chefs the world over. The initiative is partially financed with aid provided by the European Union.

To showcase the exquisite taste, texture and versatility of European cream, a series of interesting culinary events were scheduled to demonstrate how cream can enhance and enrich dishes, particularly for pastry.

CNIEL engaged influential culinary gurus, Chef Frederic Oger of the St. Honore Pastry Institute and Chef Rahina Salleh of HTC Asia / Gourmandines to create recipes which celebrate cream made even more interesting with a local twist.Try these recipes:

1. Le Petit Moka (top pic)

This amazing dessert will be a stunner on any dinner table. Fans of all things chocolate should definitely give this recipe a go.

2. Lychee and Roselle Jelly Tart

Indulge in a unique combination of local flavours and cream for a deliciously rich dessert. This dessert won’t just be pleasing to your palate, but it’s easy on the eyes too.

Lychee and Roselle Jelly Tart.

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