• Prep Time 20 minutes
  • Cook Time 30 minutes
  • Serving For 4 people
  • Difficulty Normal
This recipe is best with
Anchor Unsalted Butter

Recipe Ingredient

  • 350g high-protein flour
  • 15g milk powder
  • 7g instant yeast granules
  • 3g salt
  • 75g sugar
  • 150ml cold water
  • 35g butter
  • 8g instant coffee powder
  • 1/8 tsp coffee essence
  • 70g raisins
  • Glaze
  • 1 egg yolk combined with 1 tbsp water


  1. Sift flour into a mixing bowl. Stir in milk powder, salt, sugar and yeast. Combine the coffee powder, coffee essence and water, and add to the dry ingredients with the butter.
  2. Turn on the food processor for 15 minutes and mix into a dough. Add raisins and continue to knead into a smooth and pliable dough.
  3. Allow dough to rise for 30-40 minutes or until doubled in bulk. Knock the dough down by turning on the food processor for a minute or until dough is smooth.
  4. Remove dough and roll into a long roll. Divide into 8-10 equal portions. Shape into round balls.
  5. Place buns well apart on a greased baking tray. Allow to proof for 25-30 minutes or until doubled in bulk.
  6. Glaze with beaten egg yolk. Bake in a pre-heated, 210°C oven for 12-15 minutes or until lightly browned.

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