• Prep Time 30 minutes
  • Cook Time 20 minutes
  • Serving For 8 people
  • Difficulty Normal

Recipe Description

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Recipe Ingredient

  • Ingredients for snow skin:
  • 1g jasmine tea leaves
  • 130ml hot water
  • 110g koh fun
  • 35g cooked cornflour
  • 40g icing sugar
  • 35g shortening
  • Filling (both pastes are available at baking supply shops):
  • White lotus paste
  • Green tea lotus paste


  1. To make snow skin: Steep jasmine tea leaves in hot water for 2-3 minutes. Blend hot tea in a food processor for 10-20 seconds.
  2. Chill the blended tea for 20 minutes. Pour out 125ml tea for use in the mooncake skin.
  3. Combine all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and pour in the tea. Mix into a soft and non-sticky dough. (Use immediately.) Weigh the skin dough into 50g per piece.
  4. Weigh white lotus seed past into 50g each and green tea lotus paste into 80g each. Place white lotus seed paste on top of the green tea lotus paste. Make into a neat round ball.
  5. To assemble the mooncake: Take a piece of snow skin and wrap around the filling. Lightly dust your hands with extra koh fun. Press the completed dough into a wooden mooncake mould.
  6. Knock the mound against the table to dislodge the mooncake. Keep refrigerated.

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  1. Jennifer - August 9, 2014 at 8:46 pm

    I'm in USA where can I get the Koh fun and the fillings?


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