• Prep Time 10 minutes
  • Cook Time 10 minutes
  • Serving For 12 people
  • Difficulty Easy

Recipe Description

Vegan Granola Bar is a recipe in conjunction with World’s Vegan Day! Granola bars, cereal bars, breakfast bars or whatever people like to call it, are really tasty and make such a convenient snack. However, a lot of those bars aren’t always as healthy & guilt-free as it looks. Fortunately, it’s actually quite simple to make it on your own so why not.

This Vegan Granola Bar is healthy, vegan-friendly & gluten-free granola bars with just 6 ingredients. It also has a subtle sweet crunchy texture to ease your dessert cravings. Peanut butter and date syrup complement each other perfectly in this ideal portable breakfast or on-the-go snack.

Recipe Ingredient

  • 250g Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Tropical Muesli
  • 145g Smooth Peanut Butter
  • 8tbsp Date Syrup (can also use Agave Syrup or Brown Rice Syrup)
  • Pinch of Salt
  • Toppings
  • Dark Chocolate Chips / Chunks (Dairy Free)
  • 1 cup of Dried Cranberries


  1. For Crunchy version: Preheat the oven to 180-degrees Celsius.
  2. Add all the ingredients in a mixing bowl (except for toppings) and combine well.
  3. Grease & line some parchment paper on a 9-inches baking tin. (You may opt for other sizes & height based on personal preference)
  4. Add all the toppings on the surface of the granola & firmly press it to make sure it sticks to the whole granola. May use another same-size baking tin to place on top of it for applying even pressure.
  5. Place it in the oven and bake for 10 minutes or until golden brown. Leave to cool aside until room temperature before cutting into bars. It can last in an airtight container for a few days or almost forever in the freezer.
  6. For Chewy version: Skip Step 4 and place it in the freezer for at least 3 hours, preferably overnight for the bar to set before cutting it.

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