Scallop Noodles


3 pieces fresh egg wantan noodles or wantan mee
75g chives, cut into 4–5 cm lengths
1 small can golden mushrooms, drained
2 dried scallops, soaked and shredded
1 thumb-sized piece old ginger, pounded and squeezed for juice
1½ tbsp Shao Hsing Hua Tiau cooking wine (optional)
100ml water
2 tbsp oil
1/2 tsp chopped garlic

1 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tbsp light soy sauce
Pinch of pepper
Pinch of salt
1/4 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp chicken stock granules


Combine shredded scallops, ginger juice and 1/2 tbsp wine in a small bowl. Steam for 10–13 minutes. Drain and keep the gravy stock.

Scald noodles in a pot of boiling water for one minute. Remove noodles with a wire-mesh ladle and dip noodles into a basin of cold water for 15–20 seconds. Drain noodles in a colander, then place in a plate and mix lightly with a few drops of oil. Set aside.

Heat 2 tbsp oil in a wok and fry garlic until lightly golden. Drizzle in cooking wine and add the steamed scallop gravy. Bring to a simmering boil.

Add chives and golden mushrooms, and mix in seasoning.

Bring to a quick boil until gravy is thick. Add a sprinkling of sesame oil as glazing. Pour sauce over the noodles and serve immediately.

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