Contest Period: 1 November 2019 – 30 November 2019

Contest Mechanics:

  1. Cook any dish by using any of Angel Brand’s products and snap a photo of the dish together with the said product. Please refer below for a list of Angel Brand’s products*.
  2. Upload the photo to your Facebook (set status of the photo/post to Public) and tell us: How were you first introduced to Angel Brand and one fond memory associated with the brand in the post with hashtag #angelbrand #angelkualicontest
  3. Share Kuali (@StarKuali) Facebook “Angel Brand Contest” post to your Facebook timeline
  4. Remember to Like Angel Brand (@AngelBrand1945) and Kuali (@StarKuali) Facebook page!


Grand prizes (3 winners): 1 set of 16 pcs Dining Set + 1 set of Angel Brand products worth RM18.00

Consolations (10 winners): 1 set of Angel Brand products worth RM18.00

Angel Brand Products*:

  1. Angel Light Soy Sauce (Select) 仙女生抽 (特选)
  2. Angel Light Soy Sauce (Special Improved Formula) 仙女甘鲜生抽 (精选)
  3. Angel Thick Soy Sauce (Select) 仙女晒油 (特选)
  4. Angel Bean Paste (Whole) 仙女豆酱 (粒)
  5. Angel Bean Paste (Minced) 仙女豆酱 (碎)
  6. Angel Oyster Sauce 仙女蚝油
  7. Angel Oyster Flavoured Sauce 仙女蚝味油
  8. Angel Mushroom Vegetarian Oyster Flavoured Sauce 仙女冬菇素食蚝油
  9. Angel Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce 仙女喜辣赞辣椒酱
  10. Angel Thai Style Sweet Chilli Sauce 仙女泰式甜辣椒酱
  11. Angel Garlic & Chilli Sauce 仙女蒜蓉辣椒酱
  12. Angel Plum Sauce 仙女酸梅酱
  13. Angel Black Pepper Sauce 仙女黑胡椒酱
  14. Angel Hoisin Sauce 仙女海鲜酱
  15. Angel Oriental Barbecue Sauce 仙女烧烤酱

For ideas on how to use Angel Brand sauces, visit Angel Brand recipes page on

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