Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside,
No 2, Jalan P5/5,
Presint 5, Putrajaya.
Tel: 03-8890 0000
Business hours: 6.00am to 1.00am daily.

KNOWING that the presentation of food is as important as the way it tastes, B’s chef Mohd Fuad Md Tahir created dishes that are pleasing to the eyes and the palate for the new menu of Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside’s dining outlet.

“People sometimes also eat with their eyes. I wanted something that looked appetising but I also kept the dishes simple and straightforward.

“I want it to be tasty yet not too fancy,” said Fuad.

“We use a lot of fresh ingredients and minimise the use of any instant ingredients.

“The portioning is also important because we do not want our diners to finish their meal either still hungry or feeling too full.”he added.

The 170-capacity restaurant offers a spacious and contemporary dining area with a view of the Putrajaya Lake.

Fuad said he did not want to focus on any one cuisine when creating the menu, preferring instead to combine elements of international flavours.

Indulgent: Those with a sweet tooth should save space for this Rich Chocolate Cheese Cake.

“I do try to add in a slight local taste into our Western dishes, like a slight taste of chilli in the Ensalada A Ala Chilena, one of the salads in our appetiser list,”he said.

For starters, he recommended the Albondigas, a soup with a tomato-juice base and served with vegetables and meatballs.

“It is a Spanish dish that is originally served in bigger portions as a main meal.

“I scaled down the portions and it makes for a hearty appetiser,” Fuad said.

He also presented several main dishes that were to be the outlet’s signature dishes like the Beef a la Cuillere, Piri-Piri Chicken and Lemon Rosemary Lamb Chop.

The beef dish is served with a bed of mashed potatoes and a brown sauce with carrots and button mushrooms.

“The beef is braised in a stew for about three hours so that the meat is tender.

“The sauce is made from the juice of the meat itself so it has a lot of flavour.

“Button mushrooms and carrots are traditionally served with beef and they also add some colour and texture to the gravy,”he said.


Crisp: The Ensalada A La Chilena is a Chilean tomatoes and sweet onion salad with an added tinge of spiciness to give it a local flavour

The Piri-piri Chicken is grilled before being braised in a sauce with ingredients like chilli, capsicum, ginger and coriander so that the meat absorbs the flavours.

For a more Mediterranean taste, Fuad recommended the lamb dish that was served with grilled vegetables marinated in herbs.

“With lamb, there will always be mint sauce served with it and we also add in a bit of pasta to make it interesting,” he said.

There were also several vegetarian dishes on the menu like the Penne Rosso Basilica made with dried tomatoes, basil and garlic pesto.

“We actually make our own dried tomatoes in the oven. It takes about three to four days to dry it out.

“We have several options for vegetarians. They can opt for the tomato-based pasta while we also have cream-based pasta,”said Fuad.

Fuad said they still retained some of the restaurant’s popular items like the pasta and pizza but even those items were given a fresher presentation style.

“Of course, we also have local dishes like Penang Char Kuay Teow, Curry Mee and Nasi Goreng.

“These are comfort foods that people will always request for,” he said.

Besides the ala carte dishes, diners can also opt for a buffet breakfast, lunch or dinner at the restaurant.

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