AFTER a brief period of procrastination, I finally made my way to Wong Soon Kee coffeeshop in SS14, Subang Jaya.

My mission was to give the famous Lim Fried Chicken nasi lemak a try.

These days, there are not that many Chinese stalls that can dish out a simple nasi lemak meal.

My benchmark is a shop in the Raja Bot wet market in Kuala Lumpur.

I grew up watching the owner frying char yuk (deep-fried pork belly marinated in five spice flour) and preparing his sambal tumis.

What made his version of nasi lemak memorable was the fried kangkung, hard-boiled eggs and chicken feet curry.

That was many decades ago and since I relocated to Subang Jaya some 10 years ago, I don’t know if the same guy who prepared his Chinese nasi lemak so well is still around.

I put his shop as one of “Samo’s top 10 must-try stalls in the Klang Valley”.


Popular: The Wong Soon Kee coffeeshop is patronised by regulars.

Okay, moving on, I managed to catch the lady who runs the Lim Fried Chicken stall at Wong Soon Kee coffeeshop and ordered a plate of nasi lemak with the highly recommended mutton curry, hard-boiled egg, sambal sotong and a pair of chicken feet curry.

The lady was happy to oblige as she prepared my order.

Ah young man, here’s some sliced cucumber to go with your rice,” she said.

The bill came up to RM9.50 with all that extra and generous portions.

I didn’t even flinch when I took out a crisp RM10 note and handed it over to the stall owner.

Now, quality-wise, the Chinese nasi lemak served at this stall was top-notch.

It was worth every ringgit and I would give it an 8 out of 10 on the Samo-scale.

What’s really interesting when I was eating my nasi lemak was the table in front of me.

A group of ah pek (old-timers) were gossiping about the world economy and local politics.

After all, they are retirees with plenty of time on their hands and I guess it is their way of unwinding by indulging in worldly topics over a cup of kopi-o.

Okay, if you plan to pay this stall a visit, the stall opens from 8am to 11am (no fried chicken) and 2pm to 6pm (fried chicken time) and is closed on Tuesdays.

No pork is served at the stall.

The stall has a website ( and can also be found on Facebook (

For gearheads, Wong Soon Kee’s GPS coordinates are N 03 04.363, E 101 35.356

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