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EMBRACING a whole new concept for customers’ convenience, Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC) unveiled the Burp! Asian Food Gallery.

Burp! is equipped with a payment system where customers will collect a ‘passport’ upon entering, which they will then swipe upon ordering the food and pay at the cashier after the meal.

This makes it more convenient for customers as it ensures fast-moving queues.

Burp! also provides phone chargers, television for leisure, Wi-fi connection as well as iPad menus incorporated into the wall for customers.

Children can get their hands on board games or linger at the the colouring area created specially for them.

The 11,600 sq ft food gallery furnished with a modern interior offers a spacious dining area for 400 people and houses nine different food restaurants serving a smorgasbord of Asian cuisine to cater to customer’s demands.

“Malaysians are always talking about food. And Burp! as the name suggests, provides a satisfying meal and a hassle-free dining experience to all our customers,” said Burp! Asian Food Gallery consultant Peter Khor.

The dining experience here offers Thai, Japanese, Malay, Penang and other local cuisines offering up to 200 different dishes and 50 types of beverages and desserts.

F7805C9506234EB2961AE036CDF08583Complete meal: Roasted barbecue chickenserved with fragrant rice and soup.

The highlights from the Japanese section is the home-made udon served with soy sauce and half-boiled egg with a generous sprinkle of diced spring onions.

When mixed well together, the springy egg-coated udon gave diners a fresh start to the meal.

One of Koh’s recommendation — Pad Thai — is Thailand’s stir-fried kuey teow with eggs and tamarind juice, and a combination of chicken, shrimp, tofu and bean sprout garnished with crushed peanuts, red chilli flakes and lime.

Decorated with cucumbers and carrot slivers, the Pad Thai here gave diners a balanced of sweet and sour flavours with a tinge of spiciness.

One not to be missed is the famous rojak mamak where bean curd, bean sprouts, turnips, cucumber and eggs are infused with a potato-based peanut gravy, which is perfect for a light lunch or snack.

676D5FABA5ED441388EB29A60D364ED7Strong flavours: Pineapple fried rice served ina halved pineapple.

Also featured was the Sambal Udang Buah Petai, Penang laksa, Roasted Chicken Rice, Tomato Fragrant Rice and cendol.

The food is priced between RM2 and RM15.90 while the house speciality, Burp! Special Seafood Platter costs RM35.

BURP! ASIAN FOOD GALLERY, Bangsar Shopping Centre, Lot No. 4.06 4th Floor, 285, Jalan Maarof, Bukit Bandaraya, Kuala Lumpur. (Tel: 03-2282 7166) Business hours: Monday-Sunday (8am-10pm).


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