E-Tiara, Ground Floor,
SS16/1 Subang Jaya.
Tel: 03-56300743
Business hours : 11am-10pm (weekdays),
10am- 10pm (Sat and Sun). Closed on Mondays.

MOST who have tried Japanese curry will find it slightly sweet and not too spicy, but the version served at Haikara Style Cafe is attuned to the Malaysian palate.

Yuumi Kato, who helps out at her father Kato Kanya’s restaurant, knows Malaysians love their curry and hopes to attract more customers with their new selections.

“We want to teach Malaysians the flavours of Japan,” she said.

Adding a kick to its curry choices is the Habanero peppers, one of the hottest chilli variants.

Fiery kick: These Habanero peppers pack a punch.

Fiery kick: These Habanero peppers pack a punch.

The level of spiciness for Haikara’s curry ranges from one to 10.

I was not so brave and opted for level one for my Chicken Katsu Curry Rice (RM22.90), but those with guts of steel can try spicier curries and even level 10.

There are also other curry rice choices such as Fish Curry Rice and Chicken Croquette Curry Rice and you can also opt for add-ons like cheese omelette, melted cheese and fried egg.

Hoping to attract more customers, the cafe is certified halal.

Satisfying dish: Chicken Katsu Curry Rice topped with melted cheese.

Satisfying dish: Chicken Katsu Curry Rice topped with melted cheese.

Yuumi told us that instead of using store-bought items, many items such as sauces and patties, were made-in-house because it was difficult to find authentic halal Japanese ingredients.

She is proud of the fact that the Black Chilli Frank (RM11.90) and Teriyaki Chicken Hamburg Frank (RM12.90) are homemade without preservatives.

Both are served in black buns made from bamboo charcoal, an ingredient that is gaining popularity in Malaysia.

I loved that the bun’s outer layer was crispy and soft on the inside.

The Black Chilli Frank is topped with Haikara special spicy lamb sauce and three types of melted cheese, namely Parmesan, mozzarella, and Colby cheese; while the latter is topped with Teriyaki sauce.

If a bun is not enough, then go for the Rokomoko Don (RM25.90), in which homemade Australian beef patty Hamburg is served with rice and salad. There is also a chicken option for those who do not eat beef.

“Some patties in Malaysia are thin and dry but our patties are juicy.

“The barbecue-style brown sauce is made from beef. We use spices to rid the patty of its strong beef smell,” she said.

Salmon Spicy Cream Pasta (RM29.90) (top pic) is one of the fusion items offered.

The sauce is made using miso and chilli powder.

“The miso is imported from a company in Japan that produces halal miso,” Yuumi stressed.

Haikara also has something for coffee fans – the Blue Mountain Coffee (RM29.90).

For coffee lovers Blue Mountain Coffee.

For coffee lovers Blue Mountain Coffee.

“There are some who come just for the coffee. “The raw coffee beans are imported from Jamaica and we roast the beans here in the cafe,” said Yuumi, gesturing to the machine in the kitchen. “Because of bad weather, there is less production but we were fortunate to have booked early and managed to obtain some stock.”

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