THE exotic Imperial Ivory mooncake, also known as the “Yeh Ming Zhu”, takes centre stage at The Baker’s Cottage (TBC) for the Mid Autumn Festival.

The mooncake features cooling winter melon, dried longan, macadamia nuts and melon kernel seeds as its main ingredients, and is wrapped in a creamy milk butter pastry skin.

“We decided on the name Imperial Ivory as it represents the precious “Yeh Ming Zhu” pearl in terms of its colour and value.

“The mooncake takes its inspiration from traditional Chinese folklore, and like a pearl, it represents something premium and valuable,” The Baker’s Cottage chief executive officer Marvin Lau said.

The Imperial Ivory mooncake is presented in an elegant white colour and boasts of a modern and exotic flavour.

The three other new flavours are Purpleberry Cheese, Seaweed Chicken Floss and Jasmine Cheesy Citrus from the Crystal Skin Series.

The Purpleberry Cheese has a lotus paste with antioxidant rich blackcurrants and cheese filling with purpleberry pastry skin.

AE884F437FCA48CD9A181075DDFEA3B4Have a try: Lau with the Imperial Ivory mooncake. Beside him are the confectionery company’s range of beautiful boxes for the mooncakes.


This mooncake is targeted at the health conscious for its high fibre and antioxidant properties.

Those who prefer savoury mooncakes can opt for the Seaweed Chicken Floss that has no sugar added. It contains white lotus paste with seaweed and sesame seeds, chicken floss filling and sweet strips in its butter pastry skin.

The Jasmine Cheesy Citrus has a zesty lemon cheese mung bean filling and is wrapped in jasmine tea-scented pastry skin.

TBC promises to tantalise every tastebud this Mid Autumn Festival with its wide variety of mooncake lines, ranging from the traditional Pure and White Lotus Series and Pandan Lotus Series, to the contemporary Crystal Skin Series and Special Mixed Series.

The Special Mixed Series offers unique flavours like Cheesy Choc-Oreo, Chestnut Royal Jingsa, Green Tea Custard Azuki and Low Sugar Taro Yuzu.

There is also the All-Time Favourite Series offering popular flavours such as green tea, mixed nuts, tiramisu and no-sugar-added white lotus.

TBC has designed a range of beautiful boxes to package the mooncakes with. Depending on the design, each paper- or wood-based box can fit one, two or four pieces of mooncakes.

There are also gift sets with pre-packed mooncakes.

The Harmony, Happiness and Prosperity Premium Gift Sets each contain a set of four mooncakes, while the Exclusive and Super Premium Gift Sets each have a set of six.

TBC has attained ISO, HACCP and halal certifications as further assurance to its customers on the quality of the confectionery company’s products and processes.

“As a market leader, TBC’s focus is on how best we can perform to continue enticing consumers to buy our products and to stay ahead in the business,” said Lau.

“TBC’s products are also exported to overseas market where there is a strong Chinese presence like China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia and Brunei.

The Baker’s Cottage mooncakes are sold at all its 34 bakeries, as well as major supermarkets nationwide like Jusco, The Store, Giant, Tesco and Carrefour.

Customers can also purchase cash vouchers worth RM60 at any TBC stores as special gift tokens.

Prices of the mooncakes range from RM9.80 to RM16.50 per piece; prices of the premium gift sets range from RM78 to RM188.

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