IF YOU think that Lou Shue Fun (rat-tailed noodles) are all the same, there’s a reason for you to take a trip to Seremban in Negeri Sembilan.

I have covered at least two makan places that serve beef noodles and, frankly, I think that’s enough for the moment.

Now, just as I thought I had seen it all, there is a stall in Seremban market that serves Fooyung Loh Shue Fun and this place is a big hit with the lunch crowd.

At first, I thought the rice noodles were for the Hakka mee, but was told by the stall owner that its Loh Shue Fun.

Curious with the discovery, I ordered a bowl and waited patiently as the woman at the counter started to work on my noodles.

And what came next was a huge surprise to me.

A small bowl of Fooyung Loh Shue Fun costs RM2.70 — the best-kept secret in Negri Sembilan.

71884CBCA4DE4AEEA4FC17AA954D3916Popular outlet: The hawker centre at the top floor of the Seremban market.

With everything costing more, the Fooyung Loh Shue Fun tops my ‘Samolist’ of places to eat in Malaysia.

Cheap and good, I downed my bowl of noodles with happy thoughts.

You get some minced pork and chopped shallot as garnishing with a bowl of soup as a side dish.

The Fooyung Loh Shue Fun stall is located on the top floor of the Seremban market and to you gearheads out there, the GPS coordinates are: 02 43 847 N, 101 56 217 E.

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