Ronnie Q’s introduces a selection of local favourites in its revamped pub grub line-up.

OPENED in December 1992, Ronnie Q’s pub and restaurant in Bangsar is one of the oldest English pubs left on the local scene that is still going strong.

“The oldest used to be Canteena but it closed several years ago,” says Ronald Quay, the man behind Ronnie Q’s. “Dinty’s in Brickfields is the other old stalwart that’s still around.”

Stiff competition may have brewed up over the years in the form of Irish and German pubs but none has managed to rival Ronnie Q’s two decade-long success and staying power.

The pub’s regular crowd, consisting of expatriates and local patrons who are also passionate cricket, football and rugby fans, will gladly attest to the fact that Ronnie Q’s is their beloved watering hole where (to paraphrase the Cheers theme song) “everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came”.

That, coupled with Quay’s steadfast presence and friendly demeanour, has kept them firmly ensconced at the bar.

7608D2C01A70444B9D7431E5D02A08C3The Spicy Pork is a new addition to Ronnie Q’s menu.

Although Ronnie Q’s interior typically boasts all the characteristics of a classic English pub, what unfailingly catches the eye of new patrons is Quay’s collection of cricket, football and rugby paraphernalia adorning the pub walls.

Any live telecasts of the aforementioned sports would invariably leave the place and its regulars buzzing with excitement and anticipation.

With newly appointed manager Jeganathan Kailasam doubling up as the resident chef, Ronnie Q’s now offers local dishes in addition to its perennial line-up of British pub grub: bangers and mash, fish and chips, and hearty pork, chicken or lamb hot dogs.

“In view of Jega’s 11 years of working experience in pubs, clubs and restaurants, I’ve given him the green light to give Ronnie Q’s menu more variety,” says Quay.

“We find that our local clientele likes to have something to eat along with their favourite tipple.”

According to Jega, the new additions that he is most proud of are the Spicy Mutton (RM16.90) and Spicy Pork (RM16.90). Served with toasted wholemeal bread, the piquant dry curries soon left us in a pleasant spice-high stupor.

E651975C7EAA4AE982343E496EDC417EThe Pub Wings are the undisputed favourite

“The dry curries are cooked based on my grandmother’s recipes which use her special aromatic spice blend,” says Jega. “My other speciality of Pork Curry (RM22.90) has more gravy and is served with plain rice or chips, fried papadum crackers and mango chutney.”

His other crowd-pleasing offerings of Nasi Goreng Kampung (RM12) – fried rice with egg, sliced fish cake, chicken, prawn and anchovies – and Penang Char Kway Teow (RM12) passed muster.

What really winged it for us was the scrumptious Pub Wings (RM18), the undisputed favourite with many pub-goers and drinkers.

Crispy and juicy to the bite, the fried chicken wings and drummets are deliciously imbued with the chef’s simple yet distinct marinade of garlic, onion, ginger and galangal.

Papaya, brown sugar and garlic form an unlikely but surprisingly effective concoction that gives the BBQ Pork Ribs (RM18.99) a subtly sweet and garlicky dimension that will spur you to pick the bones clean.

If you prefer something tried-and-tested, the classic Ronnie Q’s Burger (RM26.90) comes highly recommended. The two firm, soft burger buns come stacked with two meat patties, crispy bacon, fried egg, cheese, lettuce and tomato slices. Accompanied by a generous portion of french fries, it is best savoured with a pint of cold draft beer.

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