805BC2A1FDAC41ECAC9AA541B196BCD9Flavourful: The premium teas from TWG.

Jalan Sultan Ismail,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2717 9027 ext 6922

A LAVISH tea spread with some of the best desserts and cakes coupled with premium teas from TWG will be served every afternoon at the Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur’s Pavilions Lounge.

From this month onwards, tea lovers can enjoy a sumptuous selection from the hotel’s afternoon tete-a-tete, aptly named ‘Tiers of Heaven’.

Cake lovers should look out for Lemon Madeline, Opera Cakes, Strawberrry Tartlets, Chocolate Mousse domes, soft eclairs with mocha cream filling, bite-sized Macaroons and mini cupcakes to fill their tummies to their heart’s content.

To wash down the sweet temptations, Sheraton has joined forces with TWG Teas, a noted for its premium teas.

Members of the media were recently given a small taste of what’s to come during a special tea party.

Present to lend a helpful description of the array of teas served was TWG Tea public relations manager Louise Benzrihem who flew down from Singapore for the private affair.

Benzrihem said the company was established in Singapore in 1837 and since then has fostered relationships with top tea producing companies from all over the world to create perfect blends.

They currently have six stores in Singapore as well as 36 overseas.

Their next venture is Pavilion Kuala Lumpur with a retail store and restaurant that will serve all 800 types of teas that are available in the retail store.

“The idea of the restaurant is to introduce people to the teas we have. They can try the teas in the restaurant and purchase the blend they like at the store,” said Benzrihem.

During the tea session with the media, three different types of teas were served, the Creme Caramel, Grand Wedding and Alexandria.

First was the Grand Wedding, a blend of Black tea with sunflowers and exotic fruits that lend a fruity taste with flowery notes.

When the whiff of the tea hits the notes, aromatic fragrances of the exotic peach fruit comes to mind followed by a more fruity taste on the palate.

The Creme Caramel is made from the red tea of South Africa with a secret blend of sweet French spices. As soon as the tea is poured into the cup, the sweet smell of caramel fills the air.

This tea can be served warm or iced.

Finally came the Alexandria Tea, a favourite for peppermint lovers. A beautiful blend of TWG Melange green teas, mint and Mediterranean spices that fills the palate with a cool after taste. A fantastic way to wash down the sweetness of the cakes.

This promotion is priced at RM38++ per person and is served from 2pm to 6pm from Mondays to Fridays.

This is the writer’s personal observation and is not an endorsement by StarMetro.

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