Do you have one of those days where you crave dishes from when you are young? Forget about bubble tea, overnight oats or poke bowls. Sharing with you six nostalgic recipes from the past generation, with step by step video guidance so even a newbie can cook!

1.Rendang Ayam Pencen

Rendang Ayam Pencen

Ayam pencen or spent hens are hens which have ceased to be productive. They are usually used in making rendang as they are more flavourful and are able to withstand rigorous cooking.

With the invention of pressure cooker, we are now able to shorten the cooking time of this classic recipe by half!

2. Patin Tempoyak

Patin tempoyak (River catfish with durian paste)

This is a traditional recipe from a time when nothing was ever wasted. It made use of durians that had cracked open and could not be sold, or abundant fruits that could not get to the market in time.

3. Bahulu Gulung

Bahulu gulung

Also known as Kaya Swiss Roll, this confectionery originated from the Hainanese community is a rare find these days as the tradition of making this sweet treat is not carried on by the next generation.

This recipe is best made with homemade kaya.

4. Wu Tau Koh

Yam cake

Wu Tau Koh, loosely translated as Yam Cake or Taro Cake is a savoury kuih bursting with flavours and texture. This recipe uses two different cuts of yam – shredded and cubes to add structure to the cake.

5. Mutton Roghan Josh

Mutton Roghan Josh

This authentic Roghan Josh recipe is made with mutton, the meat of choice to withstand slow braising. This dish is best served with flat breads or briyani rice.

6. Vegetable Cutlet

Retro Recipe Vegetable Cutlet

Vegetable cutlets are one of the much-loved tea time snacks or appetizers in the Indian household. This dish is suitable for vegetarians and those who are gluten-intolerant.

If you are looking for more, check out these recipes from the Retro Recipes page. Happy cooking!

Do you have any retro recipe which you would like to share with the Kuali community? You can submit it here!

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