Cooking on a budget? Try making these delicious recipes for your family and stretch your ringgit.

1. Crunchy Vegetable Soup. If you have leftover vegetables in the fridge, don’t throw them away. Just make this veggie soup. Click for recipe.

2. Chapati. Click for recipe.


3. Simple Dhal. Have a simple meal with dhal and chapati or just plain rice. Click for recipe.


4. Roast Chicken Tortilla Wrap. You can opt to buy the tortilla warp or just use the chapati to wrap the fillings. Click for recipe.


5. Tuna Croissant Sandwich. A super quick-fix meal. You can replace the croissant with any bread. Click for recipe.

Tuna Croissant Sandwich

6. Mini Chicken Satay. Click for recipe.

mini chicken satay

7. Potato salad. A perfectly delicious recipe that will keep your tummy happy. Click for recipe.

Potato salad

8. Rock ‘N’ Roll Pasta. Click for recipe.


9. Fried Prawn Meehoon. Not sure what to do with leftover prawn sambal or any sambal for the matter, just add it to some rice vermicelli and you get a hearty meal. Click for recipe.

Fried Prawn Meehoon

10. Brushetta. A simple but satisfying snack. Click for recipe.


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