With multiculturism, comes the delicious flavours and nuances of fusion foods. Among them is the ever-famous curry. Some might associate curries solely to the Indian culture, but in fact, curry dishes are native to many different ethnicities in Malaysia and the Asian region.

Here we highlight five different curries that are popular locally, along with our go-to recipes for you to master them in your own kitchen.


Stink Beans (Petai) and Prawns in Curry Sauce (pic above)

This petai and prawn curry is a favourite in Malay cuisine, and goes well with mix rice or nasi lemak.


Spicy Tangy Curry Fish Head

Fish head curry may have its origins rooted in Indian and Chinese cuisine, but has become a cult favourite in Malaysia and Singapore. Many foodies claim to know the best fish head curry dish in the region. But nothing is as good as one cooked at home.


Chicken Curry

There’s nothing like good ol’ chicken curry to hit the spot during an Indian banana leaf rice meal



Thai-style Fragrant Curry

While not Malaysian in origin, Thai cuisine has a lot of influence in Malaysian cooking, and this fragrant curry is top of the list.


Chicken Curry Kapitan

This thick and saturated curry style mixes Indian curry with Malaysian and Chinese ingredients, a result of the historical influence of Malacca.


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  1. Ismail - September 7, 2017 at 2:59 pm

    only 5 and not 6

  2. danielykng - September 21, 2017 at 11:01 am

    How about Portuguese Devil’s Curry? It is really good.


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