MALAYSIAN-BORN Natasha Shan or Tash Shan, is a self-taught cook. As a child, she spent her time in the kitchen baking, which helped her to pick up the fundamentals of the culinary world. However, it wasn’t until she left home that she discovered her love for food.

Once moving to Canberra, Australia to pursue her degree in law and communications, Tash’s passion for food reared its head yet again.

Being a student, time was a crucial factor when it came to preparing and cooking meals. However, for the next 10 years, she forced herself to clear a schedule to cook, scouring the Internet and food blogs for new recipes – Malaysian and others – to experiment with.

It was not till 2014 when Tash got her big break. She aced an audition for MasterChef Australia which eventually gave her the platform to showcase her love of food and share her Malaysian heritage with a wider audience.

Today, Tash has her own food blog – A Kitchen Cat – where she writes restaurant reviews and shares photographs and recipes with her readers. She makes an excellent Curry Laksa and dreams of having her own cooking show someday.

To read more about Tash’s passion for food, go to the Malaysian Food Awards.

The Malaysian Food Awards enables Malaysians abroad to nominate and vote for their favourite restaurants serving the best Malaysian food overseas.

Tash shares her Grandma’s recipe:

Grandma’s Chicken Sambal. Click here for recipe.


To read more about Natasha’s culinary journey, go to Photos and recipe courtesy of Natasya Shan.

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1 thought on “A self-taught Malaysian worthy of MasterChef Australia”

  1. Pam Harman - August 10, 2022 at 8:59 pm

    Hi Natasha!
    I just have been watching Masterchef Australia where you made crispy wraps that Gary asked you for the recipe. Could You post that recipe? And could it be used for sweet fillings like apples and walnuts?

    I enjoyed watching you cook!!
    Pam Harman
    South Carolina, USA


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