CHEF Norman Musa, renowned chef and founder of Ning – a Malaysian cuisine restaurant in Manchester, may not have imagined himself in this position when he first moved to UK to pursue his degree in quantity surveying.

Born and brought up in Butterworth, Penang, Norman has come all the way from the food island to Britain and Europe, enlightening those he crosses paths with on the flavours of Malaysian cooking. As part of his involvement in the Malaysian Kitchen – an effort by Matrade to promote Malaysian cuisine abroad – Norman passionately passes down his knowledge on Malaysian dishes and preparations through his recipes, cooking classes, and Ning.

Today, Norman has become one of Europe’s finest chefs covering Asian cuisine, and has been featured in Jamie (Oliver) Magazine, MasterChef Malaysia, and BBC World News.

To read more about Norman’s passion for Malaysian culinary, go to the Malaysian Food Awards.

The Malaysian Food Awards enables Malaysians abroad to nominate and vote for their favourite restaurants serving the best Malaysian food overseas.

Here are three cooking videos from Norman:

1. Malaysian Egg Fried Rice. Click here for recipe.

2. Masak Lemak Udang. Click here for recipe.

masak lemak udang

3. Rendang Tok Perak. Click here for recipe.

Rendang Tok Perak

To find out more about Norman Musa, go to Photos and videos courtesy of Norman Musa.

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