WHO doesn’t love ice cream and gelato. Nothing beats the feeling of having them on a hot sunny day. The best part is that they come in a wide range of flavours.

Do you know the difference between ice cream and gelato? Both frozen goodness may look the same, but they are both very different desserts.

There are three major differences between ice cream and gelato: Fat content, air and serving temperature.

Fat content

Both ice cream and gelato are commonly made with cream, milk, eggs and sugar. Eggs are used as an emulsifier to add fat and flavour.

Gelato has a relatively lower fat content than ice cream. Ice cream is made with more cream while gelato is made with mostly milk. With a lower fat content, gelato has a less solidified texture creating a more elastic texture when consumed. This makes gelato the healthier alternative.


After mixing milk, cream and sugar, air is incorporated in to the mix. Air plays an important role in the density and firmness of these frozen delights. The less air incorporated, the denser the product.

Air is incorporated into ice cream and gelato through a process called “churning”. Ice cream is churned faster, creating smaller air bubbles so that more air is incorporated. This adds volume to the ice cream, giving it a light and fluffy texture. This is explains how ice cream is easier to scoop compared to gelato.

Gelato, however, is churned at a slower pace so less air is incorporated, resulting in a denser and milkier texture.  On the same note, more flavours can be absorbed into gelato making it more flavourful as it melts in your mouth.


Although both desserts are made and stored the same way, they have different serving temperatures.

Since gelatos have a more dense and firmer texture, it does not melt easily. It can be served at a slightly higher temperature compared to ice cream.

If ice cream was served at this temperature, it would melt and become soupy. It takes a longer time for gelato to melt because of its elastic texture.

Here are three ice cream recipes:

1. Maple Walnut Ice cream. Click here for recipe.

maple walnut ice cream

2. Easy Ice cream. Click here for recipe.

3. Strawberry and Vanilla Ice cream. Click here for recipe.

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