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Recipe Description

This recipe courtesy of 988, Eagle Oil and Grand Imperial Restaurant.

Recipe Ingredient

  • 8 large deep-sea Ming prawns
  • 200g fresh milk
  • some chili padi
  • some curry leaves
  • some chicken powder
  • 2 tps sugar
  • 500g Red Eagle oil
  • 4 egg yolks


  1. First, heat up a wok and pour in some Red Eagle Cooking oil
  2. Fry the prawns till cooked and drain the oil from the prawns, Set aside.
  3. Add in Red Eagle Cooking oil to the wok again to make the crispy egg shred
  4. Then, add the sugar and chicken powder to the egg shreds and saute till fragrant, remove from the wok and drain.
  5. Saute the curry leaves and chili padi the same way too.. Add the milk and bring to a boil. Stir in some sugar and chicken powder
  6. then, add the prawn and stir fry until the sauce is absorbed.
  7. Once absorbed, mix in the shredded eggs, and it's ready to serve.

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