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Bali Hai Seafood Village,
Sunsuria Avenue,
Persiaran Mahogani, PJU 5,
Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-6141 0033
Business hours: Noon to 3.00pm and 6.00pm to midnight.


LOBSTERS are a treat for seafood lovers andthe Bali Hai Seafood Village in Kota Damansara has a variety of delicacies with the tasty crustacean.

The restaurant has an impressive selection of live seafood, including Boston lobster, Rainbow lobster, Australian lobster, Alaskan king crab, Scotland bamboo clam and geoduck that are on display for diners to choose from.

The restaurant is currently having a lobster promotion until Oct 3 that includes 10 freshwater lobsters, commonly known as crayfish, with a purchase of one lobster.

During a media preview recently, members of the media were treated to a 10-course luncheon with a variety of seafood dishes including their signature lobster servings.

First on the table was the Australian Lobster Sashimi with Superior Soup Steamboat. Bali Hai chef Low Yoke Kuang recommended the sashimi dish to start off with so we could savour the fresh lobster meat.

He said the fillet would be more pronounced, sweeter and tastier. Chef Low was right, the freshness of the the lobster was evident in each bite.

The superior soup also had a unique taste as it was simmered for a day with apples. This allowed the flavours to come out yet remain mild enough so it does not overwhelm the delicate taste of the lobster.

A firm believer of using every portion of the lobster, chef Low has created the Fried Wantan Mee with Lobster head for an additional RM18, with an order of sashimi style lobster.

He uses the shell of the lobster and boils it with the superior soup and noodles so that the flavours are infused in the dish.

Another favourite among diners here is the Butter Cooked Freshwater Lobster.
The large lobsters with the light and fluffy egg floss was a delight on the palate.

Apart from the lobsters, chef Low has other specialties including Pattaya Style Squid or Chicken, a dish with a taste to remember. The chicken was served with homemade Crispy Chicken Skin Layered with Fish and Squid Paste, as well as seaweed.

Low uses lemongrass and curry leaves to bring out the aromatic flavour in the dish.

Beancurd lovers will enjoy the spicy petai beancurd. The beancurd is served with minced chicken cooked with Chinese mushroom and diced petai. Although the diced petai is hard to spot in the dish, its subtle flavours gave the usually bland beancurd a nice tangy twist.

Dishes here are pork-and lard-free, making it a great place for a family outing or a business luncheon.

Equipped with five private rooms ? three of which includes a karaoke system ? and seven gazebos, Bali Hai can seat up to 700 to 800 people.


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