corner of Jalan Sultan Ismail
and Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2162 2233
Business hours: (lunch) noon-2.30pm
and (dinner) 6.30pm-10.30pm

CELEBRATE Chinese New Year this year with friends and family at the Dynasty Restaurant, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur and choose from a variety of menus to appease your palate.

The restaurant’s chef Tan Kim Weng has come up with a number of traditional dishes to bring back memories of yesteryears.

There are three different nine-course menus — Happiness, Fortune and Longevity — apart from the 16 ala carte dishes for the festivities.

New Year celebrations will not be complete without the Yee Sang and one of the must-try Yee Sang dishes is the Fortune Salmon Sashimi Yee Sang Fruit Salsa with homemade Plum dressing. Tan has ensured that this dish is slightly different from the others foundelsewhere. The yam slices used in the Yee Sang does not use food colouring and relies on the original purple colour of the fruit.

“We also use fruit jam together with the plum sauce to give it a more fruity flavour,” he said.

Specialties: Chef Tan with his dishes (clockwise from top)Braised Sea Cucumber with dried cuttlefish sauce, Braised assorted mushrooms and vegetables with oyster sauce, Charroasted chicken with sesame fragrant preserved bean curd sauce, Double boiled shark’s fin consomme with wantan, dried scallop and chicken and the Wok Baked king prawns with cheese in superior broth.
The Double Boiled Shark’s Fin Consomme with Wantan, Dried Scallop and Chicken, is an interesting addition to the menus. The soup is meticulously boiled for four hours with dried scallop and chicken to bring out the aroma. By double-boiling the soup, the brew is more solid and concentrated.

Prawns are a must-have at any Chinese New Year meal and Tan has brought in a little Western twist to it with the Wok Baked King Prawns with Cheese in Superior Sauce. The dish is a mouth-watering addition to the delights on the table.

‘We half braise and half bake the prawns so they are not overcooked. We add cheese powder to the dish before it is braised,” he said.

Another must-try is the Char-roasted Chicken with Sesame Fragrant Preserved Beancurd Sauce. The chicken is first marinated with Chinese rose wine and preserved bean curd sauce to add a little zest to the otherwise bland meat. It is marinated for three to four hours before it is hung dry and roasted in a charcoal oven.

As for sea cucumbers, Tan has brought in the best from the Philippines. The sea cucumber is braised with mushrooms and the most important ingredient in this dish is garlic. The garlic is used to minimise the fishy tasteof the sea cucumber.

The final dish is the braised assorted mushrooms and vegetables with oyster sauce. The mushrooms used were straw mushroom, black mushroom, button mushroom and abalone.

Finally, for desert there are two important additions to the menu which are the glutinous dumpling with peanut in green bean soup as well as the Dynasty glutinous cake with chilled rabbit-shaped pastry.

The Happiness course is priced at RM888 for a table with 10 persons, Fortune course is RM1,288 per 10 persons while the Longevity course is priced at RM1,688 for 10 persons.

This is the writer’s personal observation and is not an endorsement by StarMetro.

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