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THE KENNY’S Phoenix Chicken Meal will return to the menu at Kenny Rogers Roasters (KRR) this Chinese New Year.

In the Phoenix Chicken Meal, the rotisserie-roasted chicken is topped with the exotic taste of an oriental dressing with a slight tinge of spiciness.

The Phoenix Chicken Meal comes with the choice of three side dishes as well as the new Kenny’s Golden Orange Muffin.

Berjaya Roasters Sdn Bhd Sales and Event manger Kennie Thong said KRR was introducing the orange flavoured muffin to complement the Chinese New Year tradition.

“Oranges are a tradition in Chinese New Year so we decided to add a new flavoured muffin to the menu to go with the festive mood.

“Besides the new orange flavoured muffin, we also decided to bring back the Phoenix Chicken Meal which has a slightly more oriental flavour compared to our other roasters which we thought would go well with the Chinese New Year celebrations,” she said.

“It has a sweet and sour taste to it which is more oriental with slight spiciness. We had it in our menu first in 2009 and now it is back as we received good response from the customers when it was first introduced,” she added.

D0EC4051B0E4458DB07EDC0B534B0F54Refreshing: The Minty Passion Mocktail (left) and Minty Strawberry Mocktail.

To complement the Phoenix Chicken Meal, KRR will also be bringing back the Minty Passion Mocktail as well as introducing the new Minty Strawberry Mocktail.

“At KRR, we acknowledge the fact that festive meals are more than just the food, it is the full bodied experience and which is why we have decided to bring back the Minty Passion Mocktail which has been a crowd favourite since its introduction.

“We are also introducing the new Minty Strawberry Mocktail which will both complement the Phoenix Chicken meal for the Chinese New Year period,” said Thong.

Available while stocks last, the Phoenix Chicken Meal will be priced at RM17.90 and the mocktails at RM7.50 each.

Kenny Rogers Roasters delivery is also available from 11.30am to 10pm daily within a 5km radius from selected restaurants in the Klang Valley.

Kenny Rogers Roasters catering service is also available in the Klang Valley for a minimum order of RM1,000. For delivery or catering call 1-300-888-878.

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