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Corus Hotel Kuala Lumpur,
Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2161 8888
Email: enquiries@corushotelkl.com


IT’S A Sweet Candy Christmas themed celebration at the Corus Hotel, Kuala Lumpur this festive season.

Inspired by the festive mood in Kuala Lumpur and by what he would cook back home for his family, Corus Hotel head chef Arokianathan will be preparing a sumptuous meal that includes many traditional Christmas dishes including a roasted turkey, savoury pie and other Christmas goodies.

“I won’t be home this time around with the family, so why not spread the family-warmness of this festive season to our guests who will be celebrating with us instead,” said the joyous chef.

“We are serving a mix of western and oriental spread with more than 150 varieties at the buffet counters.

“There will also be live cooking stations, and carving corners that include mouth-watering starters, assorted appetizers, main festive dishes and sweet desserts to indulge into.

“And what’s Christmas without a little ‘alco ho-ho-holic’ cheer,” said the chef laughing.

According to Chef Ariokianathan, Corus has a list of new world wines in their cellar. There are imported beverages from countries such as Australia, France and Italy.

“We have special drink packages on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. The first drink cover charge, comes with a party pack and a choice of an alcohol or non-alcoholic drink” said Chef Ariokianathan.

According to the talented chef, there are items that are very easy to put together, and there are items that are more challenging to prepare.

“The toughest meal to prepare would be the classic and most common roast turkey. We actually cater to take-away orders as well. And orders start coming in as early as December, right up to the first of January. So it is rather challenging to meet these tight datelines.

“The desserts, however, are much easier to prepare. This includes festive cookies, a collection of ginger breads and variety of chocolates. Some treats can be done prior to the serving day, hence they aren’t as time-consuming to prepare as the roast turkey.”

The passionate chef prides the hotel’s roast turkey, hence it is no surprise that it comes as the highest recommended dish on the menu during Christmas.

“We highly recommend our classic roast turkey. It’s not only a Christmas tradition, it is also our best-seller during Christmas. Our roast turkey is different as it’s a mix of fusion oriental and western seasoning, making it juicy and flavourful. It is served with our special homemade brown gravy and cranberry sauce.

“Other must-tries are our baked herbed salmon with dill topping, Shepherd’s Pie and the Christmas ox-stew,” said the chef.

Finally, Corus wishes everyone a wonderful Christmas celebration with their loved ones and welcomes family and friends to the hotel this holiday season.

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