Cafe Lavista,
Equatorial Hotel Bangi,
Off Persiaran Bandar,
43650 Bandar Baru Bangi.
Tel: 03-8210 2222 Ext 1331 (F&B Department)
1111 (Cafe Lavista)
Business hours: 6.30am-1.00am daily.

EQUATORIAL Hotel, Bangi, ushers in the Ramadan month with a sumptuous feast to satisfy diners’ different cravings.

Hotel’s main kitchen head chef and Halal chairman A. Rahman Mokhtar said diners will be spoilt for choice with the spread of local delicacies as well as western cuisines.

“The buffet comes from six kitchens — Main, Malay, Cold, Pastry, Butchery and Harmoni — each serving its own speciality.

“Six stations will be set up so that diners will have more space to choose from the dishes,” he said.

“The Grilling station as well as fruit bar are located outside the café where diners can enjoy the scenery while enjoying their meals,” he said.

What caught my eye was the green and blue shelled mussel, poached prawn, crab and salmon, chicken Mortadella as well as smoked mackerel at the cold section.

The freshness of the smoked mackerel with a generous sprinkling of black pepper has a strong aromatic aftertaste.

The taste of the poached salmon that was covered with a thin layer of cucumber, tomato and lemon slices was not too overwhelming and a fine appetiser.

Diners with small appetite can try the Chicken Shawarma.

The marinated chicken wrapped in pita bread with diced onions, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce and humus goes well with Baba Ganoush and Tahini dressing.

The Daging Masak Hitam garnished with tomatoes, onion rings and sliced chilli is a must-try dish.

The beef marinated with soy sauce was cooked with various spices, giving the dish a lingering aroma.

The buffet also featured the famous Haji Samuri satay or better known as Kajang satay with sweet and spicy peanut sauce and condiments.

The turmeric-marinated skewered chicken and beef was tender and appetising.

The buffet also has an Indian corner featuring dishes such as the Roti Canai, Murtabak, Chicken Tandoori and Naan Bread served with Dhall.

Some signature dishes from different states like the Gulai Kawah Ayam Kelantan, Gulai Kawah Daging Utara, Gulai Asam Pedas Ikan Melaka and Bubur Lambuk are also available at the buffet.

Diners can also indulge in ten types of Malay Kuih, assorted fritters, roti jala as well as western deserts like Coconut Mousse, Semolina Pudding, English Trifle, Cream Brûlée, Mango Tartlet and Orange Panna Cotta.

There are four different menus rotating each day to please diners. Some of the highlights include Ayam Rendang Selasih, Udang Masak Merah, Chicken Tandoori, Kerabu Sotong, Ayam Penyet with Percik and chilli sauce.

The Buka Puasa buffet is available until Aug 12 from 6.30pm to 10pm daily and is priced at RM88++ for adults and RM45++ for children aged four to 12.

Early birds enjoy a special 10% discount.

This is the writer’s personal observation and is not an endorsement by StarMetro.

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