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It’s a treasured ingredient in Southeast Asia, an excellent source of antioxidants and vitamins, and is great baked or cooked. Guess what we’re talking about? Pandan! We’re giving you pandan, and 3 different ways to bake it. Unique yet easy, like the Pandan Butter Cake, Two Layer Pandan Cake and Pandan Cream Puffs. And just like that we’re Pan-done, with our Baked with Pandan Recipes. 

1. Pandan Butter Cake


Moist and buttery, and so easy to make. This Pandan Butter Cake will gather your whole family around the table. You can pair it with some gula melaka drizzle for the classic combination, or even eat it plain. It’ll be just as yummy. 

2. Two Layer Pandan Cake


This is a fusion of the best of both worlds, Pandan Layer cake and Kuih Talam! Our Two Layer Pandan Cake recipe is shared for you to leave your guests in awe. Bring in the ooo’s and aaa’s with this recipe that is meant to impress. 

3. Pandan Cream Puffs


Everyone loves cream puffs, but have you tried Pandan Cream Puffs? Addictive little balls of heaven. Best eaten cold and you’ll be floating to heaven by the end of it. 

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