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Shop Kuali Recipes is an answer to busy professionals out there who are looking for convenience when shopping for quality ingredients that are paired with a simple yet delicious recipe. Bundled recipes chosen are designed for two persons cooking three times a week. Cooking for more? Simply double up the recipe ingredients!

In this week’s recipe series, it’s ‘Frozen Corn 3 Ways’!

Frozen Sweet Corn is a staple ingredient to have in your freezer. We’re pushing your boundaries to use it more than just side dishes or inside your fried rice. Frozen Sweet Corn 3 Ways will upgrade your dessert game, with the Sweet Corn Milk, Corn Doughnut Balls and Sweet Corn Ice Cream. Don’t get too corny now after you’ve had too much corn in your system!

1. Sweet Corn Ice-Cream

Perfect combination of milky and sweet. Isn’t it dreamy? We got the recipe just for you to recreate that at the comfort of your own house!

2. Sweet Corn Milk

The natural sweetness of the corn will ooze with this sweet corn milk. A delicacy in China, and easy to recreate at home with 4 simple steps. Drink it cold for a creamy thirst quencher or drink it hot for some comfort. 

3. Corn Doughnut Balls

You don’t need to be a baker to make this! Completely foolproof, and some may call it cheating but we say it’s just creative. This Corn Doughnut Balls requires no kneading, and no yeast. Add some chopped sweet corn to add some texture, and a burst of sweet surprise. 

These recipes are proudly brought to you by Shop Kuali Recipes, a collaboration between Kuali and Tesco | Lotus’s, our trusted partner. Shop this week’s recipes HERE

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