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Annyeonghaseyo! This week, we’re bringing you your typical Korean dine out dishes to the comfort of your own home. Explore these 3 recipes that you could make and enjoy with your family at home: Chicken Dakgalbi, Kimchi Spring Onion Pancake and Stir-Fried Kimchi Udon

1. Chicken Dakgalbi


Amazing balance of sweet, spicy and salty! Marinated in a mix of spicy Korean sauce paired with rice cakes and vegetables, this Chicken Dakgalbi recipe will definitely impress your family and friends. 

2. Stir-Fried Kimchi Udon


Easy weeknight meal that can be ready in less than 30 mins. One great way to utilize your kimchi and is the ultimate winner dish for busy weekdays!

3. Kimchi Spring Onion Pancake


This crispy flavor-packed kimchi pancakes are super easy to make and all you need is a few basic ingredients like flour and kimchi! Perfect as a snack or a light meal. Pairs well with our onion pickle condiment from Chicken Dakgalbi recipe

These recipes are proudly brought to you by Shop Kuali Recipes, a collaboration between Kuali and Tesco | Lotus’s, our trusted partner. Shop these oishii recipes HERE

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