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Tamarind! Or asam jawa in Malay. Our go-to ingredient when we need some zing or tang. Given how much we use it, this humble ingredient probably deserves more attention. They are also packed with anti-inflammatory properties as well as essential antioxidants. Here are 3 recipes that highlight this precious ingredient: Tamarind Honey Chicken, Tamarind Beehoon and Tamarind Honey Fizz

1. Tamarind Honey Chicken

tamarind honey chicken

This sweet and tangy tamarind glaze is just the thing to spruce up your chicken dish. The tamarind adds an additional depth of flavor and it’s literally “winner winner, chicken dinner”.

2. Tamarind Beehoon

tamarind beehoon

Almost similar to Mee Siam, this rice vermicelli recipe is equally flavourful and appetizing. It will get your taste buds tingling with every mouthful thanks to the addition of tamarind!

3. Tamarind Honey Fizz

tamarind honey fizz

Best enjoyed chilled, this recipe serves you a healthy yet refreshing drink. Perfect combo with the rest of the two tamarind recipes!

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