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Happy Deepavali! Also known as the festival of lights, it is an important Hindu festival in Malaysia. Like any festival, it’s usually incomplete without a delectable spread of snacks and food. This week, we have curated 3 diwali snack recipes for you to make and enjoy with your family and friends: Savoury Murukku, Omapodi and Eggless Achu Murukku

1. Savoury Murukku


Often enjoyed by all races regardless if the festivities are being celebrated in their household. There are a wide variation of murukku recipes but this recipe guarantees you a simple yet addictive one.

2. Omapodi


Also known as sev, this snack is a thinner and noodle-like version of murukku. It’s a crunchy and delicious snack to munch any time of the day.

3. Eggless Achu Murukku

achu murukku

It’s sweet and sometimes known as bee hive or rose cookies. This version is egg-less, suitable for vegans! Crispy, light and impossibly hard to resist, making it truly addictive.

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