Dear Kuali readers, 

Bring out the candles, and sweet treats! We are celebrating Deepavali this month. Did you know that Deepvali is translated as “rows of lamps”? It is the celebration of light, to empower the good over evil and light over darkness. Stacked in this newsletter are delicious Indian cuisines for you to create at home in celebration of Deepavali.

Earthy, spicy and a harmony of flavours – that’s how we would describe Indian cuisine. Surprise your guests with some Paneer Kebabs, tasty bitesize skewers simply grill and eat! Pakora on the side would warm up their appetite in no time. Pakoras are chickpea and vegetable fritters, healthy and yummy appetisers for you to try out this month.

Then we’ll travel all around India just through our senses! Firstly with Bombay Chicken Briyani which is a MUST TRY. The aroma of the spices will knock you off your feet transporting you to Bombay in a second. With that, time to get your spice rack ready for this… Imagine having a bowl of Crab Masala, or Grilled Masala Prawns for your sides as you gobble down the briyani. It’s a match made in heaven! 

To finish off and cleanse the palette, we have some vital desserts of Deepavali. Have you ever tried Kheer? Usually served on many occasions, this Creamy Rice Pudding is decadent. Subtle, yet complex flavours all in one bite. Or try making the Gulab Jamun, rich in sweetness. They are khoya balls dipped in thick syrup for that sweet ending to your delicious Indian course meal.

From the Kuali team we would like to wish Happy Deepavali to our readers who are celebrating! We hope the light will overcome your darkness this month.

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